15 Best Screen Saver Apps for Android

Are you looking for some screensaver apps for Android? Well, Screensaver apps are those apps that get enabled when your smartphone is idle, connected to the charger or when you put the smartphone on the dock.

However, as there are lots of apps available on the Google Play store. So for most of us, it becomes a little confusing to choose the right one. So, in this article, we have highlighted the 15 best screensaver apps for android that you can use.

Best Free Screensaver Apps for Android

iO16 Clock

The first on the list is io16 Clock. As you can assume after looking above screenshot, that it is a clock type screensaver app. The clock widget is based on the countdown style used for Google I/O 2016. Apart from the clock, the screensaver app also offers live wallpaper, watch face and a daydream feature. So do check out the app as well.



For our next pick, we have the BatteryDream. The app is also one of the lightweight daydreaming apps. However, the app does not display many pieces of information on the lock screen. Like with this app you will not be able to get notification alerts or any other details. The app only shows you the time and battery percentage.


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This app displays an ample number of information on your lock screen including date & time, battery level, weather information of your location. Pulls up unread emails and texts from your inbox and displays a notification on the lock screen. It also shows missed calls alerts, your alarms, and other useful notifications.


Matrix screensaver


Compatible with Android 4.2 devices, this app has highly customizable features including custom texts, sizes, displaying time on the lock screen and changing background colors. Percentage of the battery shown on the lock screen. The app also has a daydream feature. 


Widget Screensaver


The biggest functionality of this app is suggested by its name. Yes, this enables you to use the screensaver as a widget. With this screen saver App, you can now see the calendar, location of family and friends and also check the latest news. 


Video Screensaver

This is the unique screen saver App that lets you watch videos even when the screen is locked. All you have to do is install Video Screen Saver App and choose a video frame screensaver from app settings. For this, you need to give storage access permission to the app.


Lock Screen Wallpaper (Free)

It’s a kind of wallpaper App for saving beautiful and amazing lock screen wallpaper. You can set from the default choice of wallpapers or from your phone gallery. Please note that the free version of the app comes with the limit of 60 wallpapers a month and you may also see some Ads.


Lock screen (Live Wallpaper)

This app gives you a wide range of lovely wallpapers which includes mesmerizing live effects like raindrops, flowing river, etc. Wallpaper customization is also not a problem with this app. You can customize wallpapers the way you want. You can display widgets on the lock screen using this app.


Screen Saver Lock Screen

The features of this Screen Saver App includes stylish live wallpapers with options of more than 150 digital clock. There is a variety of lock screen layouts for boys as well as girls. Besides that, you can see real-time weather conditions and time on the clock.


Photo Bubble Screensaver – Live Wallpaper

The name of the app is self-descriptive. The best part is the customization. You can set pop bubbles even on your personal photos. Apart from that, you can change the shape of the bubbles also like heart, stars, moons, and poohs also. You can either choose your pictures or anything else from the app repository.


Clock Screensaver

Whether your phone is locked or placed on charging, you can check the time without unlocking it. With its amazing customization traits, you can set personalized pictures on the clock. Facilitating during nights, you can also set the clock Screen Saver app on the dark mode.


Screensavers Wallpaper – Camp

Now check your phone location, actual time, weather, and temperature all at your lock screen. This is possible only through this awesome Screen Saver App developed by Weather Widget Theme Dev Team. This app has beautiful wallpaper themes, 3D live wallpaper, and privacy features to lock your apps.


Aquarium Screensaver

You can guess it by the name. Yup! This Screen Saver App turns your phone’s lock screen into an Aquarium full of beautiful and breathtaking fishes that you can’t take your eyes off the phone screen. The app allows you to share wallpapers with your friends in 3D.


Quotes Screensaver

Just in case if you want to see some sassy quotes as your screensaver. Then try out the Quotes Screensaver app for android. Although apart from displaying quotes on your screen it does nothing. However talking about the features, well you can change the background color of the screensaver. Add your favorite quote, change fonts and font size of the quote. You need to buy the paid version in order to add custom quotes.

Dashclock Widget

Dashclock Widget is one of the most lightweight screensaver app that you can download. Talking about the features, this app gives you quick access to your current local weather, details about missed calls and unread messages. It also displays you a list of all the appointments and pulls up unread emails from your inbox. Also, you have the Google search bar on the lock screen itself. So overall, it’s a must-try.

So that was all for the best collection of screensaver apps for Android. After downloading these apps make sure to write a review, as this helps the developer to improve the apps in future updates.


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