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No matter if you are running a company or running an organization, staying organized is one of the most basic things that will keep it alive. Hence just to make it easy, there are a bunch of project management software that are available online. Almost all the companies want their projects or campaigns to get completed in a specific period. However, most of the time the projects do not get completed on time. And the simple reason behind this is that they don’t stay organized. Hence we have decided to sit down and introduce one of the best project management software to you. As you read further in this article, we will be talking about the Taskworld, a project management tool that helps an organization to work effectively.

Taskworld is a cloud-based project management software that was launched in the year of 2013. Taskworld comes with lots of amazing features, which includes management, project planning, and collaboration, as well as it’s reporting capabilities. However to make you understand better about it, here are some of the top features of the Taskworld so that you can understand better about it.

Top Features of TaskWorld:

Easy To Use Dashboard

First of all, it comes with an easy to use dashboard. The dashboard includes many features, including stats on past, current, and planned tasks. It also offers you a health report of the projects. Also Taskworld’s timeline burn-up and burn-down charts feature helps you to identify critical hygiene factors in the project’s and company’s daily operations. In the end, the stats and other backend features puts all the progress reports in quantifiable units and helps the managers have a transparent status of the work at all times.

Easy Team Interaction

With the help of the taskworld, it is easy to communicate with the team. Taskworld has an intregated chat feature that lets the users communicate on direct and group channels. Unlike Slack, which is merely a chat tool, Taskworld does not need any integration for a chat system. Instead Taskworld offers a project management software that that focuses on an immersive experience with features that any manager would want to have for its team.

Sticking to deadlines

You can not ignore deadlines. As it is one of the main factors of any project. Hence just to help you out the Taskworld comes with a timeline feature in the calendar view. The Taskworld timeline helps you to see the status of an ongoing plans, and check and allocate available resources for planned projects. Taskworld’s clear demarcation leaves everyone in the team up to date with the deadlines.

Employee Feedback:

It is for the first time that we have noticed a project management software put equal focus on collating performance feedback for all members as well. At the end of every task, you can leave feedback for the members to which the task is assigned. This constitutes number of tasks completed in time and the ones which were delayed, apart from constructive feedback, which can even be used for a transparent employee feedback and appraisal cycles

Supported Platforms:

The Taskworld application supports different platforms. That includes Web platform, iOS, and Android. So if you want to check the status of your projects from your smartphone. Apart from the smartphone applications, Taskworld also has an option of commenting and creating tasks directly from your emails.

So that was all for the Taskworld and its top features. The tool offers you 15 days free trail so just in case if you are interested in getting the tool. Then consider taking the trial at first. Talking about the price, well Taskworld has two plans one of them is the Professional plan, and the other one is enterprise. The professional plan costs $10.99 for each person per month. However, for the enterprise plan, you have to call the customer support.

Anyway just in case if you have any questions regarding Taskworld the comment below and we will surely help you out.


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