5 Best Texting Tricks You Should Know

The common method of communication in today’s era is via a text, we text hundreds of messages in a day without even realizing it. We use text messages mostly to communicate but in the world of internet you can do so much with text messages.

With the ease of expressing your emotions that texting offers you, here are few tips which you can use to make your life easier.

Compose messages using voice to text

This is probably the easiest thing that technology can do for you, you can now compose the longest and even the shortest text using voice to text feature. It is available in all the latest smartphones. It avoids confusion and brings clarity to your chat, besides it is very easy as you do not have to actually type.

Keep a track of all your meetings and appointments

Well if this is not impressive I do not know what is, you can get all your details using the Google calendar with just a tap. All you have to do is just text NEXT to GVENT on 48368. After doing so you will get back all the details of the time and events you have to be at next. Google calendar also allows you to add new events via messages only, isn’t that superb? You don’t even need internet connection now. Also you can ask Google calendar to send you reminders about your next event.

Tip – You can also you some spying apps to hack text messages.

Instant flight information

How many times weak internet connection has irritated you when you wanted to get the information of flight? Well now using Google services to get yourself updated, just tap on Google SMS and 4INFO and text with your flight information to get all the details of your flight up until the departure and other statuses. If you want the flight status to be delivered to you directly then all you have to do is sign up for free with Flight stats and get all your flight alerts.

Reply to your text messages using your desktop

How many times have you felt lazy to get up while you are sitting in front of the desktop and reply to a message using your phone?  If you know the exact phone number of the person then well and good but if you don’t then you can always go to the teleflip service available online who will do the leg work for you, now after your message has been delivered remember the reply will come on your mail id only which will be much easier if you have decided to spend your day on desktop only.

Archive your messages

Let us all admit that sometime we delete even our important messages, now to avoid this situation we have to start archiving your message, this might not be possible on all the phones though.  To preserve any few texts you can check out “Treasuremytext”. This is a free service that manages all your information.



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