How to Recover Deleted Data on Android Phones

Have you deleted photos from your Android phone accidentally? We all make such mistakes. If you’ve deleted your precious photos or some data by accident, this post is for you. Actually your data is not completely lost. There are few methods to recover the deleted photos from Android phones. But, not all those ways are easy. Fortunately, iSkysoft has made it super simple to recover the lost data. Android Recovery from iSkysoft Tookbox is probably the simplest way to restore deleted photos. In this article, we’ll explore how to use iSkysoft Toolbox to recover the deleted photos from Android devices.

Best Features of iSkysoft Android Data Recovery

  • You can recover the lost photos from the internal memory as well as sd card.
  • Apart from photos, it can recover videos, audios, contacts, documents, call history, messages on Android phones.
  • You can also recover the data in scenarios like factory reset, virus or malware attacks.
  • It’s extremely easy to use and come with free trial.

How to restore lost photos using iSkysoft’s Android Data Recovery software?

In this method, we will use our computer for Android photo recovery. As the program accesses the internal memory, it is required to root your Android phone. If your phone is not rooted, the Android Data Recovery Software roots it automatically and undoes the root once the recovery is completed.

Step 1: Download the Android Data Recovery program from iSkysoft’s official website. Install it and open it.

Now, use the USB cable to connect the device to your Windows/Mac computer. Make sure that USB Debugging Mode is enabled on your device.

Step 2: Click on Data Recovery button. Wait till the software detects your Android phone. If you’re trying to recover the lost photos, then click on Gallery in the categories. If you have lost all your data then select all and Click the Next button
Step 3: The scanning process begins and it takes few minutes. Wait till the scanning is completed. It will shows up the list of the photos on your Android device. Choose the ones you want to restore and click on Recover button.

Instructions for Restoring the Lost Photos from SD card

In case if you do not find the photos in the list, you need to scan the SD card of your Android device using Android Photo Recovery program.

In this method, you don’t need to connect your device to the computer and so there is no requirement of rooting it.

Step 1: Click on Data Recovery button and Android SD Card Data Recovery
in the software window.
Step 2: Use card reader to connect your SD card with your computer. When your SD card is detected by the software, click on the Next button. Choose either Standard Mode or Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode takes time as it scans every corner of the memory.

Step 3: Wait till the scanning is completed. Choose Gallery category and click on Recover button.

Wasn’t that extremely easy to recover lost photos using iSkysoft’s Android Photo Recovery Tool? Comment below.


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