The Best Guns in PUBG Mobile Ranked (Best to Worst)

In order to get that chicken dinner you need to have the best gun available in PUBG mobile. In this post I will list the best Assault Rifles in PUBG mobile. You will find an in depth review of each gun with their strengths and weaknesses.

I have categorized the weapons in two sections, first is the Air drop weapons which you can only find in Air drop supplies. The second one is the in game weapons which you can find easily while looting.

Best Air Drop Weapons

1 – Groza

The Groza is one of the best assault rifles available in PUBG Mobile. It is a drop specific weapon which means you can only get it from Air drops.

What makes Groza the best is it has the damage of AKM and the firing rate of M416 which make it very deadly. The damage per second of this gun is insane and you can kill enemies within seconds.

groza - Best AR gun in PUBG mobile

The groza support only two attachment which is the AR suppressor and an Extended mag. Since there is no support for fore-grip the recoil of the weapon is high but it is manageable.

2 – AUG

The AUG is the best weapon to spray in medium to long distance in PUBG mobile. Combine it with a 4x or 6x scope it works like charm. It has minimum recoil. If you check the armory section you will find that the recoil of AUG and M416 is similar, but due to the low firing speed of AUG it make it easy to control recoil at medium to long distance.

AUG supports 3 attachments that is a muzzle, fore-grip and a mag.

The best attachment for AUG is :

  • AR compensator
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Extended Quickdraw Mag

Best in Game Weapons

1 – M416

The M416 is a best gun in PUBG mobile. It is a total package, it can act as a close combat weapon as well as a medium to long range weapon. It is a 5.56 based rifle which takes 2 bullets to destroy a level 2 helmet while 4 bullets to destroy a level 2 vest. It can be easily used with a 4x or even the 6x scope.

It come with various attachments, this can be a downside as you have to spend more time to collect all the required attachments.

The best attachments for M416 would be:

For Close Combat:

  • AR compensator
  • Angled Grip
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Tact stock

For Medium to Long Range:

  • AR compensator
  • Vertical Grip / Light Grip
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • Tact stock

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2 – AKM

AKM is considered the most powerful weapon in PUBG mobile. It has the highest damage among all assault rifles. You can kill an enemy with level 2 amour with just 2 bullets, that is one in the helmet and other on vest. The downside of this weapon is its high recoil. It can be controlled in short ranges but it gets difficult to control at medium to long ranges. At medium to long ranges you need to tap fire or if you’re really good at controlling recoil then you can use it.

If you’re new to this game then I would suggest using the M416 and once you learnt to control recoil then you can move to the legendary AKM.

The AKM only supports 2 attachments so the best attachment for this weapon is:

  • AR Compensator
  • Extended Quickdraw Mag

3 – M762

M762 is a new 7.62 based rifle. It is a great alternative to AKM, as the recoil is manageable. It is best for close range combat.  The damage lies between M416 and AKM which means it is little powerful than M4 but a little less powerful than AKM. The vertical recoil is high, so it is not recommended to new players. It is also not suitable for medium to long range.

The M762 supports 3 attachments, the best attachment for the M762 is:

  • AR compensator
  • Vertical Grip / Light Grip
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag

4 – SCAR-L / QBZ

SCAR-L is a versatile weapon in PUBG mobile. Just like the M416 it can act as a close combat weapon as well as a medium range weapon. Spraying is easy and fun with the SCAR L, the vertical recoil is little less than the M4 due to its low firing speed. It could be used as an alternative to M416.

SCAR-L can be equipped with 3 attachments, the best possible attachments for the SCAR-L is:

  • AR Compensator
  • Vertical Grip / Light Grip
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag

5 – M16A4

Due to the lack of full auto mode, M16 is not a great close combat weapon. Although it is the most accurate weapon, two burst fire of M16 on a level two vest can destroy the enemy, but it is not a practical weapon for mobile users. The positive side of the M16 is it has the highest range, which means it is accurate up-to long ranges. The best use of M16 would be to equip it with a 6x scope and switch the firing mode to single. It can do magic in long ranges.

It is a great alternative to a DMR weapon and even better sometimes due to its low vertical single shot recoil.

The M16A4 only supports 2 attachments so the best attachment for this weapon is:

  • AR Suppressor
  • Extended Quickdraw Mag

These were the best assault rifles available in PUBG mobile, ranked from the best to worst. Start practicing with these weapons to level up your game. Let me know which weapon you prefer in the comment section.


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