15 Best Game Hacker Apps for Android

Do you love to play games without restrictions? Game Hacker apps allow enjoying your favorite games with complete freedom. Achieving goals in your favorite game is a cakewalk using these game hacking tools. In the post, we’ve rounded up a list of the best apps that enables you to do some magical stuff on your favorite games.

So, if you love to play games but are annoyed with limited lives, coins, gems, money, UC, weapons, etc. Don’t worry! These apps for hacking games won’t disappoint you. Simply install any one of the below App and enjoy playing your favorite Android games with everything unlimited, be it coins, gems, or lives.

Best Game Hackers Apps For Android Without Root

Hacking Apps for Games for Android

1. Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine must be mentioned in any list of best game hacking apps. This app allows the user to personalize the game features and they can change the game features instantaneously. You can add new weapons, walls, characters and what not. It is considered as the most efficient tool for hacking Android games. It comes with features like speedhack, direct 3D manipulation tools, assembler and dissembler, trainer maker, system inspection tools, debugger, etc.

2. HackerBot

HackerBot is popular among Android gamers. It’s undoubtedly one of the best game hacker tool because of some excellent features like FreeFinder. FriendFinder is a search engine that helps you find cheats of any game instantaneously. Users can learn different hacking techniques and tricks for Android, PC, and iOS games. HackerBot has a collection of modded games and apps. It trusted and being used by thousands of users around the world.

3. Xmodgames



Xmodgames is an excellent platform to discover thousand of mods of all popular games right from Clash of Clans to Subway Surfers. Rooting is compulsory to use this app on your Android phone. It provides the list of all the modded Android games you can crack or modify using this application. The cool thing about Xmodgames is it takes only a few seconds to modify and download the patch.

4. Freedom APK

Do you want to have unlimited coins in Subway surfers to shop for your character or inexhaustible lives to jump all the levels of candy crush saga? If yes, don’t wait for more to install Freedom because this game hacker app that allows you to bypass premium or in-app features of all the other apps. Freedom is the sensational app for all the Android users who wants to have unlimited gems and coins in their favorite Android gaming app but don’t want to pay for it.

5. Creehack

Creehack is a must-have app to hack games. This app allows you to download the paid games for free. The best thing about Creehack is that it does not need the root access. You can download any paid game from Google Play Store for free using Creehack. It’s straightforward to use this app, and its success rate is quite high.

6. SBGameHacker

sbgame hacker - best game hacker tool

It’s a popular game hacker app in the gaming communities. If you are the gamer who wants to experience the games without any restrictions, then you must download SBGameHacker. It is a simple hacking tool, but it can hack into any game to manipulate the scores. You can stand on top of the scoreboards using SBGameHacker. You can also get unlimited gold, coins, money, etc. and bypass the license restrictions to download the premium games.

7. GameCih

GameCih must be certainly mentioned on this list of best hacking apps. The users can modify and hack almost any Android game both offline and online using this app. It’s an open source app which has got a great bunch of developers who are updating it regularly with great passion and interest. Be prepared to root your Android phone or else GameCih won’t work. Overall a great app for hacking games.

8. Lucky Patcher

lucky patcher app

Probably the most popular gamer hacker app, Lucky Patcher has dozens of built-in tools that opens up the doors for endless possibilities and craziness. Using Lucky Patcher app, you can bypass the license verification, remove advertisements, manipulate scores and many other things. It has a great developer team that updates the database with several pre-coded mods every month.

9. LeoPlay Card

LeoPlay Card is the best gaming hacking tool to bypass the payment system in Android games. With LeoPlay Card, you can access any paid or premium games for free without any hassles. Surprisingly, you do not need to root your phone to use this fantastic app. It is one of the few apps that can hack games in-app purchase.

10. Game Guardian

Are you searching for an application that can modify any Android game? Then, Game Guardian must be among the best android game modder available for your phone. It is an excellent alternative to Lucky Patcher, Android Cheat Engine and Freedom apps. The interface is clean, and anyone without technical skills can use it.

11. Mods Installer

Mods Installer is developed by TopGamers Inc. You can install most of the modded games with this app without any trouble. It’s considered as the safest app by most of the gamers, and it picks up the modded games from safe and reliable sources.

12. APK Editor

APK Editor is not a regular hacking app for games. It’s an incredible tool to hack or decompile APK files. You can do lots of stuff using APK editor. You can replace the background image of the app, redesign the layout, bypass the permissions, block the ads, string localization, etc. If you want to take up hacking practice in a bit serious way, consider using APK Editor. By the way, you can also edit the game apks using APK editor. It is one of the best apps to mod games.

13. Cheat Droid

Most of the basic Android games store the information and settings in Shared Preferences. Shared Preferences is a kind of cookies file that’s stored on our phone. Cheat Droid is the best tool to manipulate the Shared Preferences file, thus changing the number of coins, score, or any numeric is super easy. A great game cheater for android.

14. Game Killer

The name of the app does not match its name. Yes, rather than Game Killer, the app name should be Game Saver App because it saves you from losing the game. Game Killer is like any other app that helps the gamers to change the scores etc. You can get unlimited coins, gold, elixir or whatever using this app. If any other game hacker app fails to work on any specific game, then you should try using Game Killer.

15. Hacking Games Through Private Servers

This is the trick for hacking online games for which other game hacking tools do not work. There are expert hackers who hack and modify the games in such a way that they would be able to run those games on their private server.

Running the game on our private servers gives us complete control over the data. In this way, it is easy to change any value or coding in the game. By running games on a private server facilitates you to access and edit the data saved on original servers.


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