Enable Hotspot in Jio Phone (Unofficial Guide)

You might have heard that Jio Phone is going to receive an OTA update which will enable hotspot/Internet sharing feature on Jio Phones. The confirms that the hardware of Jio phones is capable of internet sharing feature.

Well if you can’t wait for the update then there is an unofficial way to enable hotspot in Jio phone. For this method, you need to flash your Jio phone with the Omni SD jailbreak App which lets you install third-party apps on your Jio phone.

Once the Omni SD app is installed in your Jio Phone you can also install apps like Instagram, Gmail, Telegram, Aviary Photo Editor, Music Editor, and Twitter.

To enable hotspot will are going to install an app called JBHotspot which will enable internet sharing in Jio Phones.

So, let’s start. First, you need to find the model of your Jio Phone.

Find Model Number of Jio Phone

  • You can do this by going to Settings of your Jio Phone then switching to Device and further selecting Device information.
  • Here you can find the model of your Jio phone.

Just download the file according to your phone’s model number.

Jio Phone f120b:

  • Omnisd File: http://bit.ly/2Y69AnD
  • Drivers: http://bit.ly/2ZPzayU

Jio Phone L2403N Model:

  • Omnisd File: http://bit.ly/2VadQ8s
  • Drivers: http://bit.ly/2J9FZ8q

Jio Phone Model F90M:

  • Omnisd File: http://bit.ly/2Ja1W7l
  • Drivers: http://bit.ly/2PIJ2FI

Once the file is download, install the driver on your computer, according to your Phone’s Model.

Download Hotspot in Jio Phone

  • Now extract the Omnisd File. Inside the Omnisd folder go to QFIL > Bin and launch the QFIL.exe file.
  • Now under Select Build Type select Flat Build.

  • Under select Programmer, click on browse and now to the Omnisd folder > Files and select the first file.
  • Select the Load XML button and select rawprogram_unsparse file.
  • Turn off your Jio Phone and connect it with a USB cable to the computer.
  • Hold * and # button until the phone boots. The phone will blink once.
  • Now on your PC click the Download button. It will start flashing the files.

Watch Video Tutorial:

How to Enable Hotspot in Jio Phone:

  • Now you need to download this hotspot app on your Jio Phone – Download Hotspot App
  • Once you have downloaded the zip file. Launch OmniSD app on your phone and you can find the zip file there.
  • Just install the JGHotspot file zip file and you can use Hotspot on your Jio Phone.
  • You can also install other apps from OmniSD file manager.

Final Verdict

If you can’t wait for the official update on Jio phone then you can use the above method to enable hotspot in Jio Phone. I still won’t recommend this method as it’s complicated and you might end up bricking your phone. Just wait for some time and you will get internet sharing options on your Jio phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is NFC In Jio Phone?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication using which Jio users can link their bank accounts, UPI, debit cards, credit cards, and keep it in their Jio phone digitally. 

Can Jio Phone Be Used As A Hotspot?

As of now, Jio Phone’s Hotspot feature is under testing. Once it will roll out for public use, it could be used as a hotspot like any other smartphone.

Can We Share the Internet From Jio Phone?

Yes, you can share the internet from Jio phone with the help of using the USB tethering feature. You can connect your PC with Jio Phone using the USB cable for sharing the internet.

How Can I Share Data From Jio To Jio?

Open the “My Jio” app and tap on “Sign in with SIM”. Go to the menu bar located on the top left corner of the screen. Select ‘Menu’ and add your voucher option. Doing that you can transfer data from Jio to Jio.

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