10 Best WiFi Hacker Apps Anyone Can Use

Cellular data can never replace the Wi-Fi. The speed, reliability and the stability of the connection, make it pleasing and comfortable to explore the internet on the high-speed Wi-Fi connection. No network is 100% secure. There will always be a way to hack into even the most secure and sophisticated networks. Do you want to hack the wi-fi network of your neighbor for fun? Of course, hacking a wi-fi network is not an easy task. The WPA2 security encrypts the traffic, and the other security features make it challenging to tamper the network. In this post, We’ve curated a list of 10 WiFi hacker apps which makes it simple and easy for you to hack the Wi-fi network.

Best WiFi Hacker Apps For Android

1. WPS Connect

WPS Connect checks the routers around to find out the ones that are vulnerable to WPS PINs. If it finds any Wi-Fi network with WPS protocol option set to enabled, it connects to that network. This app works even on the older versions of Android. You can also check if your router is vulnerable to the default PIN and protect your network by disabling it.

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2. Aircraft-ng

Aircraft-ng is not available for download on Google Play Store. You can download it from XDA-developers or Github. Hackers love to use this app for its reliability and efficiency. It was first available for only the Ubuntu operating system. As Android OS is built on Linux kernel, they have designed an app for the Android platform.

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3. WPS Wpa Tester Pro


This WiFi hacker app has been there for a long time, and it works on the same principle of WPS PINs. Tester Pro has one of the top success rates in hacking the Wi-Fi networks with WPS PIN. It has a simple interface, and it is easy to use. Keep in mind that it needs the root permission to do its job. The free version of the app is filled up with advertisements and pop-ups. If you hate the ads, you can go for the premium version which is available on Google Play Store for just $1.

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4. Wifi WPS Wpa Tester


This app allows you connect to the Wi-Fi access point through WPS PIN. It finds out PIN by running various algorithms and go through the PINs stored in the local database. However, you can get access to the Access Point only if WPS protocol is enabled. It is not possible for all kinds of Wi-fi connections with this app. If you are lucky, you may find a Wireless Acess Point with an enabled WPS protocol, this app works like a charm, and you’ll have access within a minute!

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5. Wi-Fi Kill

Most of the Wi-fi hacking apps look boring. Wi-Fi Kill seems cool, and most importantly it does the job well. It allows you to hack other wi-fi networks and also helps to block other devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network. If you think some unauthorized persons are using your Wi-Fi connection very frequently, you must check out this app. This app monitors your Wi-Fi connection and keeps it safe.

6. NMap

NMap app is available for all popular platforms. It is an outstanding network scanner that’s used by ethical hackers for finding vulnerabilities and network exploitation. Rooting is not compulsory to use this app. However, it may ask you root to use certain features. Whether you want to know the system details or find ports, Nmap is a truly reliable application in the arsenal.

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7. Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux is pretty popular in Linux hacker communities. It’s a desktop software used mainly for ethical hacking. Nethunter is the open source Android version of Kali Linux. We need to launch the Kali’s Wi-fi tool to use Nethunter app. The app works on a custom kernel that supports the standard 802.11 injections. However, 802.11 wireless injections are not supported by Android phones. Developers need to build a custom kernel on the phone to be able to use this tool.

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8.Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-fi Analyser is not a typical WiFi hacker app. It makes the hacking process easy. There are dozens of apps that can assist you to break into the Wi-fi networks. But, wi-fi hacking is not an easy or instantaneous process. It takes hours and really tests our patience. Cracking a Wi-fi network seems to fun at first glance, but can be a really frustrating task. Wi-fi Analyzer analyses all the Wi-fi networks that are present in our vicinity. It produces wonderful reports with data in graphical format, data speeds, network stability, reliability, etc. These reports may significantly reduce your time to hack the passphrases.

9. Reaver


Reaver or RFA is an easy to use app that works on monitor-mode support. The best feature of this app is it automatically detects the WPS-enabled Wi-fi routers. You can activate or deactivate the monitor-mode support anytime. It uses brute force attack on the WPS PINs to fetch the passphrases of WPA and WPA2. It works at a good speed as it takes 2-6 hours to deduce the plain text passphrases.

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10. Interceptor-NG

You can do lots of hacking stuff using Interceptor-NG.  It helps you to sniff the hashes or passwords of all mainstream types. You need to root the device to be able to use the features on this app. The functionalities in the app are a bit complicated. It may be difficult for beginner hackers to use them.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have found some Wifi hacker apps that suit your requirements. The article is written for educational purposes only. These apps also help you keep your wi-fi network safe. Please only use these hacking tools or apps only for educational purpose. Let us know via comments if we miss out any good Wi-fi cracking apps.

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