Download Nmap for Android (Complete Guide)

Nmap abbreviation of Network Mapper is a network scanning and security auditing tool written by Gordon Lyon. It is mainly used to discover services and host on a computer by building a map of the network, thus known as Network Mapper.

The official version is only available for Windows, Mac & Linux operating systems. But there are some tweaks using which you can use Nmap on your smartphone.

Download NMAP For Android

There are two ways using which you can download Nmap on a mobile device. The first one is using Termux, and the second is using the unofficial Nmap app.

Using Termux

This is a little complicated process, but if you want to run a fully functional Nmap on android, then you need to download Termux app. We will use the Termux app to install Nmap package and use it in an Android device.

What is Termux?

Termux is a Linux environment app and an Android terminal emulator which works directly without rooting your Android Phone. You can use the APT package manager to install some additional packages available.

Just download Termux from Google play like a normal app – Download Termux. Once it’s downloaded. Launch it.

Using Termux to Install Nmap for Android

  • You will see a terminal interface, just like a command prompt.
  • Now type pkg update and press the enter key.

  • It will update the package and ask if you want to continue — Press Y to proceed.
  • Now type the command pkg install curl and press enter. Wait until the process is completed.
  • Time to install Nmap, type pkg install nmap and press enter.


  • This will start downloading Nmap on your android phone. Once downloaded you can use Nmap for Android.

Using Nmap App

There is an unofficial version for Android which does the job very well. Unfortunatelty it was removed from the Google play store, so you need to sideload this app. You can download this version of Nmap app and perform all the services like discovering hosts, open ports, protocols, services and its configuration and vulnerabilities in a network.

  • Download Nmap from APKPure: Download NMAP.
  • Once downloaded, launch it, and it will ask you to download Nmap binary.
  • Now you can use Network mapper on Android.

How to Use Nmap for Android

The Android app is straight forward. It has a user interface using which you can perform tasks. Although you need a rooted phone to perform a deep scan. It also works on a non-rooted device but the scans are limited.

The Termux version of Nmap is command only; here you have to type commands in order to perform a certain task. You can learn more about these commands here.

It runs exactly as Nmap runs on a computer. You can perform all the tasks and test your network security with a smartphone.

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