15 Best Music Slow Down Apps for Android/iOS


Android world is all about Apps that make life easy. This music slows down Apps is no exception. There are a variety of Music Apps out there available in the Android market. These apps can be largely sorted into completely developed audio editors or for adjusting the songs. Some of them are also allowing users to even compose music.

There are some Apps to Slow Down Music which are intended to control the speed, pitch, and tempo of songs and music. Go through this complete article to know about the top of the line music slow down apps. These Music Apps will act like your vocal trainer and help you to review various audio files like audiobooks, lecture Notes, podcasts, news, music, and anything.

15 Best Apps to Slow Down Music



It’s a music player that can allow you to control the speed of music it plays. For studying languages, dictation of music, and listening to long audio, Audio is the right choice. Users can also use this app like an audiobook player and radio player. The pro version of this app is also available. It can change the speed from x0.25 to x4.0.

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Audio Speed Changer Lite

This is one of the easiest music slow down Apps that can change the tempo and pitch of any audio file stored on your phone. This app is useful for practicing a musical instrument on the beat of songs, for learning foreign languages through playing audio and listening to audiobooks clearly. It supports formats like WAV, M4A, OGG, AAC, and Mp3.

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Music Speed Changer

This one is the most downloaded Slow Down Music App and is widely used for time stretching and pitch shifting. The audio quality it provides is that of a professional level. This stands out among all the music apps due to its immersive features like advanced looping, music looper, playing queue, equalizer, and everything you want.

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Riff Studio

Riff Studio is one of the music slow down apps which showcase attractive features. It can add media files from your device to a setlist and set pitch and speed for each song you play. It adds marks to easily navigate your songs, and come back and pick up the practice right from where you left off. Set a loop between pairs of bookmarks so you can nail down difficult sections by practicing over and over. You can save the audio to Mp3 format.

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Music Speed Changer by Hipxel

If you are looking for music slow down apps since long, try this app. We are sure you won’t regret. The slowest pitch is 0.5 and the fastest pitch is 4.0. The app will not make any changes to your original audio files. The new files will autosave so you don’t have to worry about saving files. Supported formats are WAV, Flac, OGG, and Mp3.

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TimePitch is one of the most loved slow down music apps among all. It also serves you as a music player using which you can enjoy playing with the pitch and tempo of music stored in your phone playlist. It works in a very simple manner. You just need to select songs from the music album stored on your phone, adjust the tempo and pitch sliders and listen to songs you love to.

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Voice Pitch and Tempo Changer

Like others, this is one of the slow down music apps that change the pitch and tempo of any audio file, be it songs or your own voice recording. It saves all your recordings for later use. It has easy to use recorder interface with share options. It comes with the in-built music player to listen to all the recordings. It’s free and weighs just 7.5 MB.

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Music Practice

For seamlessly practice the songs and understand each and every word of the lyrics, music practice is a good idea to install out of a lot of music slow down apps. It is very easy and quick to change the pitch and speed of the audio. The app has a built-in voice recorder but you can import audio files as well. It has got a nice interface with the elegant music player. The dark theme is the app make it suitable to use at night also.

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One of the Slow Down Music Apps is SpeedPitch, developed for all the music lovers who want to play songs and learn the lyrics. This App is designed to facilitate controlling the speed and the pitch of songs. It can change the speed with a range of 0% to 200%. Apart from that, it can adjust the pitch from – 1 octave to + 1 octave. You can import songs from SoundCloud and iTunes music. The updated version of this app supports iOS 9 and later.

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Get Anytune App and slow down music to learn or transcribe. The app is good for practice because it starts slow & steps it up. You can breakdown the marks and loops. The app displays the detailed lyrics to the music so that you can read as well as listen for learning things better. Its other features include share option, shuffle, importing audios and videos also, and backup settings to iCloud.

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Tempo SlowMo – BPM Slow Downer

This is the completely free package of music slow down apps. One can get all the features in this App. Its amazing features include elegant and intuitive design, import options, export feature, and integrated music player for play, pause, forward, and backward of audio. It is needless to say that it can change the audio speed and tempo according to you. You can send the audio files even as an email attachment.

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Amazing Slow Downer Lite by Roni Music

The is a great app for musicians who want to learn new music techniques from slowing down the songs of other musicians. The App works exactly the same as its name, Amazing! The quality of sound this app provides is simply outstanding. It can change the speed between 25% to 200%.

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Slow Down Music Player

There is no lack of music apps but this one is a bit different. The app is so designed that it serves the purpose of all, be it singers, transcribers, students, dancers or choreographers. It helps you to learn new songs without really changing the pitch but you can adjust the speed. The app is compatible with musical instruments like Piano, Guitar, Trumpet, etc.

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Music Editor Pitch and Speed Changer

If you choose this App for your Android phone, you can easily adjust pitch and tempo while the track is playing. If you wish you can target specific sections by choosing loop points. The app enables you to add markers to keep track of different sections. Plus, it is super easy to export your updated track. You may go for pro version as well which offers bass cut and isolation features.

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AndroSound Audio Editor

Ending our list with this amazing music slow down apps which has many more functions that just slow down the music. Besides changing the pitch, tempo, and speed of audio, this app allows you to trim audios and add special effects in them. You can also extract ringtones out of the songs with this app. To search for things instantly, it has a search and sort option also.

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