15 Best Unblocked Music Sites for School/Work

Most of the entertainment websites are blocked in schools and offices. When you try to access such websites, you get an error message which says “Website not available” or “The website has been blocked”.

There might be some occasions when you want to access music sites at your school. A great way to unblock these websites is by using a free VPN for Chrome. However, you might not have sufficient permission to add such extensions. In such case, you can check the below list of unblocked music sites which might be not blocked by your school administration.

15 Music Sites That Are Unblocked At School

Unblocked music sites for school


TuneIn is a versatile website that works off of your location. Simply choose the region that you are in for the website to return with a host of useful recommendations. It is freemium meaning that the basic functionality of the site is free. You only have to pay when you wish to unlock more features. The best part is that the free users do not even need to sign in!

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Soundzabound is a free unblocked music site. This website is entirely free as it contains royalty-free music. This is the music that a person can use in their projects without fear of copyrights. According to the website itself, it was built for educational purposes and is intentionally made only for free music.

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AccuRadio has its music sorted according to genres making it more accessible for people. There is no login required for using this service. Basically, it offers internet radio with something for everyone. Simply visit the website and choose the radio channel of choice. And they’ve thrown in some customization options too where you can change the skin of the site!

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Free Music Archive

This is a service similar to Soundzabound. What began in 2009 quickly gained momentum. It was started by a community radio station in New Jersey to promote royalty-free music. It is essentially an online repository containing royalty-free music for people to use in other projects. While the music is free to download, the users can tip the musicians by donating to them.

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Audiomack is, in essence, a music streaming site that also doubles as an audio distribution platform. It allows musicians to upload their works and stream it to listeners. It offers a host of features to its users such as offline playback, policing any unauthorized sharing. The best part is that this service is free – staring from storing content to listening to the tracks to using the features! It is also available on mobile platforms with apps for both Android and iOS available on the respective app stores.

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BlueBeat is, according to their website, “digital radio done right”. It is a service born out of frustration over the state of other similar services. All you need to groove is to create your account. With an account, you get to create your playlists, follow and listen to others’ playlists and comment on the content. BlueBeat also boasts of 320 Kbps audio, unlike competitors’ 128 kbps.

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Digital Revolution Radio

This is an online radio that is catering to indie bands and mainstream rock. Founded in 2007, it uploads and plays content from indie bands as a way of encouraging their musical journey. For budding artists, this service is absolutely free. The website is fully licensed, meaning that if you are registered with particular authorities, each time your music is played, you get royalties. This radio is available on mobile platforms as well.

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Dash Radio

This online radio is very recent in origin. With over 80 original stations that are curated by celebrities in the music world, it is no surprise why this service is famous. The website claims that this project took off as a reply to the disappointment of regular FM services. The entire service is free to use and listen to, with zero advertisements!

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Tunebash is an offering on this list that lets the user choose between international and Indian music. While it lets you select music according to artist, genre or album, it also lets you sort music by hashtags. The interface is extremely easy on the eyes and to use. This service also doubles as a music social networking site with the option to see what others are listening to and share songs. This is also available for both iOS and Android.

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This service has got to be one of the biggest out there. It is free to use service that boasts of about 850 local radio stations under its name, with over 250,000 podcasts. It recommends music based on your selections and enables users to save songs from live broadcasts. However, its on-demand features is a paid service.

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GrooveShark is a popular unblocked music site. Here you can find the Latest tracks, upcoming songs, and videos. You can browse music by artists or simply by searching the songs. You can create a temporary playlist and add your favorite songs to it. You can also check their new version (groovemp3.com) which has the same features but a cleaner user interface. Grooveshark is definitely the best-unblocked music website.

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LiveXLive is a free internet radio where you can stream free music. LiveXLive usually have a bunch of stations that are hosted by major artists. In simple words, you can call these stations as a playlist. They allow us to add or remove songs in these stations. You can also create your custom station and share it with other slacker users. Their premium subscription allows users to access music offline on their mobile phones.

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PureVolume is an unblocked music website where artists can create their profiles and add the latest songs and shows. You can browse the latest albums, artists and stream their songs online as well as download them. You can also interact with music artists by creating a profile on PureVoulme.

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Song Area

SongArea is a simple music streaming website. This site is for those who are not much aware of the latest trending songs.  Here you can browse hundreds of different playlists and stream them online. You can create your playlist and share it with other users.

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ZUUS is an online streaming music site where you can find songs from every genre. They also publish their own songs which you will not find anywhere else. These are called ZUUS original. ZUUS is one of the rarest music websites so it will be definitely unblocked in your institution.

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How to Unblock Music Sites at School

If your favorite music website is blocked at your school or work, then you can follow the below methods to unblock such websites. Using these methods, you can unblock popular music sites such as Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and Yahoo music.

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Using Google Translator

This is probably the best method to quickly unblock any blocked music websites. Google Translate acts like a proxy server between you and the website’s server. By using a simple tweak, you can use Google Translator as a proxy server.

Best unblocked music sites for school

You can check this quick guide to unblock websites using Google Translator.

Using Hola Extension

There are various proxy extensions/add-ons which help us to bypass blocked websites. Hola is a popular Chrome extension that helps you to mask your IP address with a new IP thus providing access to blocked sites.

  • Just install Hola extension in your browser, once its installed turn on the extension by clicking its icon.
  • Again click the extension and select any random country.

unblock music sites using hola

Now you are ready to rock. You have successfully unblocked music websites. Visit your favorite music site without any restrictions.

Using Proxy Sites

Proxy sites are mostly used to hide your IP address and access blocked websites. There are various proxy sites available on the internet. Here are the best proxy sites which you can use to unblock any website. To unblock websites simply visit any of the proxy sites and enter the website which you want to unblock.

Using Tor Browser


If you are a nerd or a so-called hacker, then you might have heard of the Tor browser. The Tor browser helps us to protect our anonymity while using the Internet. All you need to do is download Tor browser on your school’s computer and start browsing the internet. This way you can easily unblock music websites.



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