10 Free Sites To Find Background Music For YouTube Videos

Making YouTube videos is in trend. Success stories of YouTubers (Stand up Comedians or Gamers) are enough inspiring to create a YouTube channel and upload videos people love to watch. And the best part is anyone can earn a handsome amount of money from YouTube.

Music is the most important element of YouTube Videos to add a professional touch. If you are new to the platform, you might not know that all music can’t be added to your videos. In simple words, it will be a matter of copyright issue.

You can’t simply use any popular song in your YouTube videos. For doing that you should have valid written permission. In case, you are daring to do it without permission, you have to face the consequences.

For your information, there are two consequences of adding copyrighted music in your video without permission.

  • The revenue has to be shared with the original creator of music.
  • Or either replace the music with YouTube’s audio library or some other source.

So, does this mean that you have to pay for the royalty each time you make use of music? Well, technically yes, but we have a way out for this. Here is the list of 10 websites that help you to find awesome free music for YouTube videos.

Find Free Background Music For YouTube Videos

YouTube’s Music Library


YouTube understand that not all the YouTubers can pay the royalty or share revenue out of their hard-earned money. So, YouTube has initiated to start a library in 2013. In this library, you can find top-notch quality music tracks with thousands of options divided into various moods like romantic, funny, or intense.

You can also precise your search through instrument, duration, or attribution. This music can be used commercially without any copyright issues. You can even edit your old videos and add songs from the YouTube library. Although you don’t have to pay any credits, it is a suggestive gesture from YouTube to mention the name of the artist and the name of the track in the description.

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NCS - no copyright sounds

It is a UK based service where you can find hundreds of free instrumental tracks needed to set in the YouTube video background. Again here also, it wants you to give credits to the creators. On the website of NCS, there are a variety of tracks classified into different categories.

You can easily locate the one you want searching through playlists wise or most downloaded, etc. It is noted that though it offers music for free there are certain restrictions like tracks are only available for individual creators, for YouTube & Twitch use only, etc. They have their own YouTube channel as well

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Various YouTube Channels

RFM - Royalty Free Music

YouTube is a very dynamic platform where you can find anything. Anything includes free YouTube background music as well! These channels won’t demand any money but just ask for credits in the description which is not a bad deal. You may find hundreds of such channels, not you should check that they are originals and not copied. To verify this, you may scan the social media and related accounts of the uploader. Once verified you can upload these music tracks.

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FL Studio

FL-studio royalty-free-music

FL Studio is a professional music creation software. It is DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). For 2 decades, this workstation has everything that you need for innovating the best music of your own. You can edit audio, compose, record, arrange, slow down, mix, and develop the best quality music using FL Studio. It is largely used by the creative artist to add unique music to their YouTube videos.

Getting started with this DAW becomes easy with their YouTube tutorials on all the functions and operations. Although it takes time to create music if you are a beginner, eventually you can get your work done here for free. However, if you are a professional YouTuber and often need background music, we would suggest you look for faster options.

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IncompeTech is almost a decade old and is continuously updating its collection of background music with the latest tracks. Kelvin Macleod, the founder of IncompeTech, offers the music for free with the only condition to give credit to the creators of music. There are all types of music tracks including for games, office presentations, videos, and even for non-commercial purposes. 

Searching for what you need is a matter of seconds. You can apply filters like mood, tempo, genre, length, etc. For finding the best track for your videos. There is a separate list of tracks like “Most popular” or ”Most Recent” to get the trending tracks. 

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sound-cloud - no copyright sounds

This is quite a popular music platform that doesn’t need any introduction. But very few people know that there are many talented music artists who upload their music on SoundCloud for free. Yes, they fairly expect credits and a small amount of appreciation token. As they are new to the industry, it could be mutually beneficial for both music creators and YouTubers looking for free background music. However, it is a tough task to pick the good ones out of the mob of new artists.

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Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive

Another good website where you can fetch some good music tracks for YouTube videos is FMA. It has a wide range of songs and instrumental tracks suitable for all themes. There are more than 1500 tracks available to choose from. In-all, it is a good option to get some royalty-free music for your next YouTube video.

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ccMixter free music for youtube videos

A lot of YouTube video marketers and creators visit ccMixter. It is a global music community where around 45,000+ musicians around the world share and spread original music. You can explore an ocean of music variety here because unlike IncompeTech, it is not run by a single music artist, rather it is a whole community of emerging artists. It is absolutely free with attribution

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AudioJungle free music for youtube videos

As you can guess from the name, it is an audio platform with creative musicians. From pop sentimental, there you may find the heap of more than 586000 tracks. yeah, it’s that huge! It is a royalty-free music destination but you have to pay for each song you select. The songs start with just 1$ per song. It is considered fair to pay a sum to creators without any further royalty. Every week AudioJungle team makes a list of top royalty-free tracks that you can hand-picked to delight your YouTube audience.

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AudioBlocks free music for youtube videos

Whether it is a social media post for someone special or YouTube video for your commercial channel, AudioBlocks won’t disappoint you. It doesn’t charge any royalty but in just 99$ yearly subscription, you can download unlimited tracks here. The best feature of the website is providing a slide bar using which you can specify the length quickly to find your track. Since you are using the paid subscription, there is no need to give the attribution in the description.

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