10 Must Have Android Apps For YouTubers

YouTube, A Google’s video streaming website and App, has now become a synonym for watching videos. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know that they can watch anything (anything means anything!) on YouTube. Do you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine after Google? Well, besides viewers, it is great money and fame making a hub for vloggers and YouTubers. Being a YouTuber today is a matter of prestige and you can make good money through vlogging.

You will, for sure, want to be a YouTuber when you come to know the giant scope in this field. Well, if you are already convinced to be a Youtuber and want to know about some must-have Apps Youtubers need, you can’t miss reading this article showing you the 10 Best Android Apps for YouTubers.

10 Best Android Apps For Youtubers

To be a YouTuber is not like eating a piece of cake. It is as hard as fascinating it seems. You need to be really outstanding to outrank the Big daddy of this industry. There is not a single factor that you can bring you the required number of views and likes on your videos. You have to be exceptionally well to catch the viewers attention. 

To do so, it would be a great idea to try some awesome Youtuber Apps that can help you to be a renowned YouTuber with flying colors. Here in this piece today, we are going to give you the amazing Android Apps for YouTubers, so that you can create interesting contents on the go.

YouTube Studio


This is an Official App by Google itself which is one of the specially designed App YouTubers need. With YouTube Studio, it is blissful to manage YouTube channels very easily and timely. This Youtuber App provides all the latest statistics about the comments, respond to comments, video thumbnails, scheduled videos, and everything that affects your YouTube channel. Having YouTube Studio installed on your phone, you can update your channel in minutes.




Among all the Video editing apps for YouTubers, KineMaster is highly preferred. The App offers powerful features and unlimited editing tools for YouTubers. The list of its features is long. To just mention the few, the app lets you add as many layers of video as you want. Plus, there are is a wide range of choice for adding effects to your videos to simply make it stunning! There is an in-built library of music, stickers, fonts, transitions effects, etc. With this app, you can control the speed of your videos. Besides what mentioned here, there are loads of other features that you can turn your vlogging enjoyable and a hassle-free task.


Thumbnail Maker


For creating a thumbnail, there is no need to use Photoshop anymore. It is easy to do it right from your Android smartphone with the help of this thumbnail maker app. The app has all the necessary features that a YouTuber needs to create beautiful thumbnails and banners. For instant uploading of videos, the app provides the auto-cropping feature to create an image size of 1280 X 780. The app has hundreds of background images, filters, artwork for banners, and many more editing tools that you even don’t have to listen about.


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Google AdSense

Adsense app for Youtubers

Google AdSense is from where you monetize your videos and YouTube channels. Google provides great convenience to its users by launching its mobile app so that YouTubers can check their account status and data right from their smartphone. The app gives a detail report of all the key information and performance metrics.




This is one of the most popular photo editing Apps that YouTubers use. The reason is simple, this app has everything that you can look for in a photo editing App. You can call it a mini version of photoshop editor. Due to its pro features, it is even used by professional photo editors for varies purposes. Canva let you design the best graphics and edit photos for your YouTube channel. The best part is, it’s free!


Tag You


Those who are already in the field of YouTube can better understand how important tags are to boost the videos on the channel. Tags and keywords play a major role in pushing your videos up in the queue. ‘Tag you’ app enables you to customize tags relevant to the topic and give the competitive advantage of keyword optimization through tags.


AZ Screen Recorder – No Root


One of the highly featured applications on well-renowned tech websites like Android Police, Android Central, and Yahoo News, AZ Screen recorder is one the must-have apps Youtubers need. This app does not require you to root your device and offers screen recording without watermark. For screencast videos, This YouTuber App is extremely helpful.


Movie Maker


Making interesting and informative videos today is no less than difficult and creative than making a movie. It is a small video editing tool which is so designed that it can fit in your pocket installed into your smartphone. This YouTuber App has got you covered with all those fundamental and additional features that can enable to edit videos anywhere anytime. 


Google Keep


A good video is the result of a lot of hard work and sleepless nights. You need to do and manage a lot of work. Sometimes it even requires you to play multiple roles in a day. So, it is always a good idea to make a note of things to be done or have done. Google Keep help you in doing so. This app is full of all the features, that you can’t even imagine having in a simple note making App. Google keep has it all from typing text, doodling, to recording voice notes.


Audio Recorder


To make videos with a long-lasting effect on viewers mind, you should always have to bring new things to your viewers. Voice plays a very crucial role to catch your audience. Android app store is flooded with the audio recorder Apps. In order to set the voice for videos, this is the best YouTuber App to edit voice and add them to the videos. Once you are done with recording voice over for your videos you can also use this Audio editing software to make your voice smooth.




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