Fix Network Error in Call Of Duty Mobile (100% Working)

Call of Duty Mobile has recently released for beta testing and it has become one of the fastest growing game after PUBG Mobile. Both of the games are developed by the same company Tencent Gaming.

That’s why the quality of graphics and controls are the same in both the games. As compared to battle royale and personal-shooting games, the game gives the highest competition after the PUBG Mobile. Recently, the PUBG fever took android users to another level, and now it’s time again for the Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Mobile Network Error Fix

The game was initially released in Australia for beta testing, but it is now available in India as well. Most of its users are facing problems when logging into the game. One of the error that most of its users are facing is Network error. Please check your network status (4,51) error in call of duty mobile.

This is a server side error but it can be fixed easily. We have multiple solutions to this problem. Follow the below guide to fix this error.

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Fix Network Error in Call of Duty Mobile

  • Exit the game completely.
  • Now Download Jet VPN App from Google Play Store. Just search for Jet VPN on the Google Play Store.
  • We are using a VPN, to spoof our location. Since we are having Network issues in the game. We will try a different IP location
  • Now open Jet VPN Application on your Android phone.
  • Choose the location by clicking on “Choose Location”.

  • In locations look for “India, Bangalore” from the given choices and select it.

  • Now it will connect to the India, Bangalore network and you will see the VPN sign (key) in the status bar.
  • Minimize the Jet VPN App, just go to the home screen by pressing the “Home Button“.
  • Now launch Call of Duty Mobile and you will no longer face Network error in Call of duty mobile

Note – This is a temporary solution, as the problem is from server side it will get fixed soon. As most of the people have not registered for the beta program but are playing by downloading the APK file there is load on their server.

If the error is not solved then you can try to login using the guest mode. Many people have reported that this method worked for them and they are able to play the game.

If you are facing some kind of problems regarding this game, or are unable to fix Network error in Call of Duty Mobile then feel free to ask in the comment section. We will surely help you with alternative methods.



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