Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking

Fleet management is a basic need for every business that has vehicles in order to enhance their performance and productivity. It minimizes risks in the transportation business by monitoring fleet performance and their compliance with the regulations set by the company and the authorities. Vehicle tracking is essential to avoid losing your investment, not to mention the distress that comes with it. It is simply monitoring vehicles’ locations, but it has been advanced to include other services, such as keeping track of the vehicle’s performance, maintenance, fuel use, and the driver’s performance. You can get fleet management and vehicle tracking services either by establishing an in-house fleet management department or by outsourcing it from a fleet management provider. Here are some things you should consider having in your fleet management and vehicle tracking systems.

Control center

This is the first thing you should consider putting in place if you have a number of fleet vehicles to manage. Setting up a strong and effective control center will be essential to ensure there is a full backup of the information sent from the different systems that have been installed in the vehicles for safety, record keeping, and quick response to alerts. A control center integrates all your systems, and you can easily get these services from Eyeride.

GPS tracking system

This system can help you save fuel costs when it comes to running the vehicles. You can navigate your way around with the help of GPS directions. The advantages of taking directions from a GPS system is that it will give you the shortest route to your destination. You can also use the GPS tracking system to monitor your car’s movements in real time, hence giving you total control over the vehicle. It is also used to monitor the vehicle’s speed as well as all the driver’s stopovers. This makes it a good measure against theft and misuse of business vehicles by the employees.

Car cams

A quality camera is a must-have for any car, and it comes with lots of uses for security purposes. There are different types of cameras that you can install in your vehicle depending on the purpose. You can put the camera on the side, the front, or the rear, which can help you when you are driving to have a clear view of your surroundings. The cameras also have back-up systems to keep a record of everything that is happening within and around the vehicle, which can be a source of evidence in case of an accident.

Wi-Fi hotspot for vehicles

Wi-Fi is another important feature when it comes to commercial trucks. Businesses have gone online, and having a reliable Internet connection throughout the ride can improve profits for your business. Using a phone or other Wi-Fi devices to access the Internet in a vehicle moving at high speeds is always a challenge, and it’s, therefore, worthwhile to consider installing a Wi-Fi hotspot specifically designed for vehicles.

Electronic Logbook

This is another feature you cannot overlook in your fleet management systems. It has numerous uses, as it creates quick and accurate logs as well as captures and sends logs instantly, resulting in effective management and compliance with government requirements.


Fleet management and vehicle tracking are crucial functions when it comes to the running of vehicles. They help to save fuel and maintenance costs, they reduce accidents, and they enable proper driver monitoring, allowing you to provide more training or offer a reward for excellent work.



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