10 Best Java Decompilers to Reverse Engineer Programs

The work of Java decompiler to convert .class file types into the Java source code. In simpler words, we can say that these decompilers help you to decompile the Java coding into readable form. This means you can also decompile APK files as an Android tool is programmed using Java.

These decompilers will assist you to analyze and investigate the code of Java classes say ArrayList, HashSet, and HashMap. So, if you are looking for some good and helping decompiler apps, then we have compiled a list of best decompilers for Java programs.

10 Best Java Decompilers


It is an offline Java decompiler tool which stands out among the rest of the similar apps. This tool is helpful in decompiling Java 5 or version released later than Java 5. The latest is Jave 8. There is a separate module for every stage and it is one of the best decompiler tools for Java. Some of its modules are JD Eclipse which is specifically design for eclipse stage of Java. Another one is JD intellij which is for Intellij IDEA stage.


CFR Decompiler

CFR stands for Class File Reader. This java decompiler is written in Java 6. Although running on Java 6, it is enough advanced to support the major highlights of Java 8. The best part of this decompiler is that it is an open source decompiler with a wide scope of customization according to the user needs. This application is quite effective and quick in functioning.


DJ Java Decompiler

It is a Windows application which can be smoothly accessible on Windows range including  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and also the latest Windows 10. There is no need for JVM (Java Virtual Machine). The strength of this tool is the ability to decompile multiple Java docs at the same time. With this application, clients can alter and accumulate the Java code.


Cavaj Java Decompiler

If you are a Windows user, you would love this program because it is a very good alternative in your hand to decompile Java programs. The tool is extremely simple and easy to operate. It has the ability to decompile all types of Java class document. However, the tool requires punctuation feature. Where the tool is best for Windows, it is of no use for Mac and Linux users because it is unsupportable to these devices. It is a sheer useful tool for decoding Java documents into the normal source code and is free to install on any Windows PC.



This application has been created by one of the greatest developer named Mr. Mike Strobel. This decompiler has an advantage over others that it can manage Java Dialect upgrade from JDK 1.5 to all the previous versions. This functionality is usually missing in other Java decompiler. Procyon decompiler supports Java 8 Lambdas and enum revelations. The tool interface and other details of this decompiler are good. Procyon is newer then JDProject still it gives a good competition to other apps of its kind.



Again this one is a Windows program to decompile Java projects. Using this tool you can successfully decompile Apks, Java Class code, and dex. The application is very simple and easy to use program. This is free and has all the basic features that are required in a decompiler tool for Java. It supports Windows XP, Windows 2003, Vist, 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and the latest of all the Windows 10 is compatible with AndroChef. Be it Java 6 or Java 7 AndroChef can do it for you. This decompiler also works well with Java 8, .Container, .Class documents.


JBVD Java Decompiler

It is a powerful decompiler which can be used by professionals. Most of the professional Javassist are using this tool as an open source library to decode the Java documents. It is best for Windows and can easily be downloadable from web sources. The tool works excellent to convert any .class file into java document. However, the only precondition is your Windows device should have Java installed already. Using the tool is such a bliss that it won’t take more than a minute to convert your files.


Fernflower Java Decompiler

Another analytical for decompiling java docs is Fernflower. The tool, however, is still on its way to being the best yet it offers easy solutions to your problems related to Java decompilation. The good thing about this desktop application is it automatically renames unclear symbols and collect all of them in JAR file format. It is an open source library of Java.


Enigma Java Decompiler

This tool is mainly used for deobfuscation of Java. For the purpose of deobfuscate Minecraft models, this tool makes use of Procyon. This tool is used in the modding area in the most popular game Minecraft which is written in the Java language.


Konloch’s Bytecode Viewer

This tool is completely open source program. As of now, the tool is not complete and is still in the growing phase. This tool takes help of other applications like Procyon and Fernflower. So, all-in-all we can say that this tool does not work independently but it works in coordination with these apps which makes the overall task of Java decompilation just superb.



So, these were some of the most used and preferred Jave decompilers that you can use to simplify your work. There are a lot of options available on the internet but the above listicle is sorted after analyzing all the relevant and significant aspects of the application. We are sure, you would find them useful. Also, some of the above-mentioned tools are just viewers. This allows you to make use of such applications even without Java installed on your system.

Many of the applications discussed above are open source in nature and this would be of great help for customization purpose. For Windows, there are many applications that can serve your purpose. You can easily download them, visiting their official websites and can try using them. 



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