10 Best Gaming Themes for Windows 10

Are you one of those who do not just play games, but live them? Do you succumb to PUBG every time you meet your friends? Do you always have cool FIFA stories to share? Do Asphalt Supercars add to your thrill? Does Mini Militia still bring relief to you during long boring college lectures?

If your answer to most of the above question is a big YES, nothing will upset you more than a not-up-to-the-mark default Windows theme. Your sense of adventure deserves a Windows theme that synergizes well with your thoughts.

Here in this article, we bring you the best gaming themes for Windows 10 to satiate your thirst and love for games. No matter what your taste is, we do have something for you in the list. Get ready; your eyes might not have felt such relief before.

These are basic themes which can be installed directly, there is no need to install third party tools like UxStyle. If you are looking for advanced themes which changes the appearance of Windows Explorer, Start menu and Icons then you should check out our collection on best themes for Windows 10. 

Best Gaming Theme for Windows 10


The first one is for the lovers of the supercars. I know even your incognito history would have ‘Top 10 sexy cars’ in it, never mind. This Windows theme includes a very exhaustive range of cars from the top racing games. See Ferraris, BMWs, Audis and many more supercars as they blaze across the asphalt, rain pouring, rendered by the game engine. This theme would bring to you a soothing mix of speed, adventure, and beauty. This windows theme is a must-try.

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Lara Croft needs no introduction to a gamer. Undoubtedly, she’s the Messi (or Ronaldo, for some) of the video-game characters of all time. This Gaming theme for Windows 10 would bring to you the great collection of original artwork of the Tomb Raider, right from her first adventure to the latest ventures. Join Lara to climb dangerous hills, explore ruins, and take a swim with the sharks in this adventurous. Try it and thank me later.

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Well, this is the deadly combo you had always wanted, Street Fighter and Tekken together. Filled with stellar art from the crossover fighter, this free Windows theme would bring some cool splashing water effect and shadow mode of the well-known cast of fighters like Ryu, Kazuya, Jin, Ken and more.

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This Gaming theme for Windows 10 has all you would ask for if you are a Fyre twins fan. This is one of the most popular installments of the Assassin’s Creed series, starring the Fyre twins in Victorian London as they set out to take out their latest challenges. Various other characters from the game as well as some cool concept and the art-work surely make up this free Windows theme.

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In love with shooting and weapons. This theme will greet you with cool snaps from Battlefield 4 as you start your PC. Cool poses, weapons, and targets. The original art-work featuring Recker will make really difficult for you to get your eyes away. If you are a Battlefield or shooting fan, you must give this theme a shot.

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The Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds has taken the world by its thrill. So much so that the government at places are putting restrictions on it owing to the addiction it’s causing. But would that make its charm any less? Nah. This theme will deliver cool characters, sceneries, and weapons at your disposal. Use this at your own risk, you may end up getting addicted to the theme as well.

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If you are a millennial, chances are you were introduced to the online PC games with the Prince of Persia. The Prince once lived in the hearts of the 15-year-olds. Rope climbing, defying gravity to run on the wall, sword-fights; it has all of it. A complete adventure pack to satiate your thirst for adventure. Accomplish challenges when you are in the game and give relief to your eyes when you are just using PC. A win-win situation, heh?

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This one is for the athletes out there. You don’t have to keep a still athletic photograph as your PC wallpaper anymore. You do not have to be sad due to the lack of options anymore. The return of Faith and the high-octane Parkour action of Mirror’s Edge. Original artwork of a younger Faith racing and jumping through the city of Glass and taking on numerous opponents in this free theme for Window.

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FIFA Gaming Theme

Are you a die-hard football fan? Don’t be upset, we have a lot in store for you as well. You have to be an EA Sports FIFA fan if you are a football fan. Do you like cool in-the-right-corner free-kick goals? Do you like close shootouts? Do the ruthlessly taken tackles thrill you like nothing else? Here’s everything you would ever need. This windows theme will give your PC a new life. I bet you cannot dislike this theme. Thank me later!

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The last one in the list is for the 90s kid. Those who are the real pioneers in the field of video-gaming. Those who were introduced to the gaming with the Mario and the Contra. No matter how sophisticated the gaming gets with the advent and development of advanced graphical interfaces, these 90s kids will always have deeply embedded love for Mario and his princess. This theme is a gift to all of them. See the Mario fighting the evils yet again to save his princess. This Gaming theme for Windows 10 will take you on a voyage through the memory lane.

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Well, that’s all for now. There’s something or the other for everyone’s taste. Hope you find the best to satisfy your sense of gaming and adventure.


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