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If you’re thinking that we’re going to give you a quiz for testing the purity and quality of rice in your kitchen, you’re absolutely Wrong! Yeah! This is exactly different from its name. Rice purity test is conducted in the University of Houston in Texas, the U.S. The name of the university is Rice University and so as the name of this test. It has nothing to do with ‘Rice’.

This is the yearly test conducted as part of the orientation program for students. Taking this test, students are evaluated on the basis of their overall learning during the whole college life at Rice University. This test also helps in strengthen students bond with their fellows. Besides the purpose for which this quiz is created, students also take part in this quiz just for having some fun.

This rice purity quiz contains a total of 100 questions. It’s a form of a survey which is conducted fully online officially on the website of Rice University. It’s a simple test wherein 100 questions with some answers are shown to you on the screen. You need to check in the box relevant to your answer. At last, you need to click the ‘Submit’ button to calculate your score. Your scorecard will soon be displayed on your screen. The questions in this quiz are related to the personal and academic life of the students, say what they have done in college, about their friends, fellows, etc. It’s really fun to take this survey as students would not just know about their friends but also self assess themselves. For each question, one mark is allotted.


This article will let you know everything about Rice Purity Test Quiz along with the interpretation of its scores.

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  1. Used a drug worse than marijuana?
  2. Smoked tobacco?
  3. Kissed someone below the waistline?
  4. Received or given a hickey?
  5. Got caught m-sturbating?
  6. Gotten drunk?
  7. Purchased contraceptives?
  8. Had s-x on a plane?
  9. M-sturb-ted to a photo of someone you know?
  10. Swallowed someone else’s genital secretion?
  11. Participated in an orgy?
  12. Been convicted of a crime?
  13. Had s-x?
  14. Had s-x in public?
  15. Committed an act of incest?
  16. French kissed in public?
  17. Gotten severe memory loss due to alcohol?
  18. Had s-x with no condom?
  19. Cheated during a relationship?
  20. Gotten a STI test?
  21. Had s-x with someone you met in less than 24 hours?
  22. Gotten a STI or STD?
  23. Had s-x in a bed not belonging to you or your partner?
  24. Used a s-x toy with a partner?
  25. Played a stripping game?
  26. Fondled or had your genitals fondled?
  27. Had s-x outdoors?
  28. Been kissed or kissed someone on the breast?
  29. M-sturbated with someone else in the same room?
  30. Done an act of voyeurism (been a “peeping Tom”)?
  31. Kissed or been kissed on the neck?
  32. M-sturb-ted?
  33. Drank alcohol?
  34. Had s-x with a partner while someone else was in the same room?
  35. Used methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin?
  36. Had s-x with someone who you weren’t in a relationship with?
  37. Had s-x with someone with a 3 or more year age gap?
  38. Had s-x 10 or more times?
  39. Kissed a non-family member on the lips?
  40. Showered with someone from the opposite s-x?
  41. Been arrested?
  42. Been given an orgasm by someone?
  43. Had oral s-x?
  44. Played a drinking game?
  45. Traveled 100 or more miles for s-x?
  46. Been streaking?
  47. Had to act sober to parents or teachers when you were actually drunk?
  48. Spent the night with a member of the opposite s-x?
  49. Had s-x in a swimming pool or hot tub?
  50. Been suspended from school?
  51. Sent a s-xual SMS?
  52. Filmed or photographed yourself or others during s-x?
  53. Had s-x while someones parents were home?
  54. Been skinny-dipping?
  55. Had s-x with a virgin?
  56. Watched pornographic material?
  57. Got in trouble and been sent to the principal’s or dean’s office?
  58. Had a relationship?
  59. Engaged in s-xually explicit activity over video chat?
  60. Kissed a non-family member?
  61. Been questioned by the police?
  62. Experienced s-xuality before puberty?
  63. Played with or had your behind played with?
  64. Had s-x with two or more people within 24 hours?
  65. Had s-x with five or more people?
  66. Had s-x in more than four positions in one session?
  67. Undressed or been undressed by a member of the opposite s-x?
  68. Had s-x while you or your partner were on their period?
  69. Thrown eggs at a house or car?
  70. Danced really closely with someone?
  71. Sent or received nude photographs?
  72. Kicked a roommate out of the room or house so you can have s-x?
  73. Watched a stripper?
  74. Had an orgasm during your sleep?
  75. Vandalized something?
  76. Experienced a pregnancy scare?
  77. Gone through the motions of intercourse while fully dressed (dry humped)?
  78. French kissed?
  79. Massaged or been massaged sensually?
  80. Had s-x with more than 2 different people in a week?
  81. Experienced anal s-x?
  82. Went on a date?
  83. Held hands romantically?
  84. Participated in bestiality (performed an s-xual act with an animal)?
  85. Had the police handcuffed you?
  86. Urinated in public?
  87. Had a made out session for longer than 2 hours?
  88. Had the police called on you?
  89. Smoked marijuana?
  90. Impregnated someone or gotten impregnated?
  91. Had s-x in a car?
  92. Ran from the police?
  93. Played with or had your breasts played with?
  94. Had s-x three or more times in one night?
  95. Seen or been seen by another person in a sensual context?
  96. Kissed while lying down?
  97. Had someone walked in on you while doing something s-xual?
  98. Had a threesome?
  99. M-sturb-ted with an object?
  100. Paid someone or been paid for any sort of s-x?


Your score:

Rice Purity Test Scores meaning

After completing the survey, you will get your scorecard. Since there’re 100 questions and each question is allotted one mark, it is obvious that score varies from 100 to 0. This test completely depends on individual personalities, their lifestyle, and the way they think about life events. Grooming of students also makes a difference in the scorecard. So, it’s not something like academic performance, where high scores are always good. Here, each score range has a definite meaning. Read on to know what your scorecard says about you –

SCORE: 100-98

It’s the topmost score and is rarely obtainable in Rice purity test. If you’re born in the family of a powerful politician, Richie rich businessman, or a child of a celebrity, there are chances that your score fall into this category. This score indicates that the student is spoiled and might adopt or have already adopted, some criminal activity in his life. They justify everything is fair to do without thinking about the consequences. These people give the logic to experience each and everything once in life.

SCORE: 97-94

Students fall into this category are assumed growing constantly in their life towards betterment. They always aspire to achieve the best in their life. They never satisfy in what they have, they always hunger for more. They try to fall into the first category to score 100. They are considered more disciplined and firm personality as compared to that of the previous category.

SCORE: 93-77

This is the most common score obtained by the majority of students because here the students fall belongs to lower middle class to high middle-class category. They are considered as very hard working, sensitive, and artistic in nature. They always find ways to get better for themselves with honesty and hard work. They also do smart work to succeed in life but through the right sources.

SCORE: 76-45

This is also a rare score not obtained by many students generally. Students score between this range is very shy and introvert in nature. They avoid talking about themselves and escape from socializing. They also fear from public appearance and lacks self-confidence.


This is an extreme level score where students need attention, care, and help. These students might be suffering from a mental disorder, any psychological issue, or are not well in any manner. This is rarely found, we can say 2 out of 100.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’re here to help you with all the answers you want on this topic of Rice purity test. So you may ask anything about Rice purity test. Some common questions are –

What does Rice purity test mean?

Rice purity test is basically conducted to know the level of students understanding of worldly matters. The test can be taken by anyone not necessarily students. The test includes 100 questions to answer by an individual. These questions are based on lifestyle, emotional and economic situation, or it could be anything. Questions are not always the same, they are generated randomly.

What’s the highest score on the rice purity test?

The highest score on the rice purity test is between 100 to 98. Each range indicates different prediction about the personality of an individual. However, these predictions are not 100% accurate and may vary or change depending upon an individual taking the test. Here is what a particular score range means.

SCORE: 100-98

This is an extreme level of the score and is very uncommon. People fall in this range are unadulterated and considered insane in many aspects. They are unpredictable. They may be good, better, or worst. You can’t judge them. It depends on person to person.

SCORE: 97-94

These people are highly enthusiastic, admirable, and patient towards their life goals. They don’t want to compromise. They indeed, can’t compromise with their dreams and put every possible effort to make turn them real.

SCORE: 93-77

They’re more than usual and less than rare. They are somewhere in between them. They may be good, they may be bad. It’s hard to interpret them. They are commoners and usually seen very hard working and practical people. They are not intended to cause harm to anyone. They fear to do anything wrong in general.

Disclaimer – Judgement about the scores of purity test are completely based on individuals and they can’t be cent percent true. They are not pervasive in nature. They may change with person, place, and the way think!



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