How Batteries Are Used in Everyday Life?

Gone were the days when power was not affordable and available to each individual. We’re now stepped into a digital and technical world where everything is compact. So, as the batteries which store power and supplies energy in a mobile way. We must appreciate the invention of batteries because it literally makes life easy. Neither there is need to carry fuel nor heavy objects and set up is required. All we need is a reliable battery and correct type that suits the purpose.

There are different types and use of batteries available in the market which might make you confuse what to buy and what not to. You can use batteries for cars to airplane everywhere. To help you out with this dilemma of choosing the right battery for your use, we are writing this article.

Types of Batteries

Battery and it's uses

There are mainly 2 types of batteries available in the market. One is primary batteries which include Mercury batteries, Zinc Carbon batteries, Alkaline Batteries, and Silver Oxide Batteries. These batteries can not be recharged. They are ‘Use and Throw’ type. Another major type is the secondary battery which includes Lithium batteries and Lead Acid batteries which can be recharged and use again. Read about them in detail.

Alkaline Batteries

These batteries are durable in nature. It’s composed of chemicals like an electrolyte, zinc powder, and manganese dioxide. Use of alkaline batteries is high in countries like USA, UK, and Switzerland. 

Use of Alkaline Batteries

You can find these batteries in radios, clock, and remote controls generally. They are also used in digital cameras, Mp3 players, and in playing games.

Lithium and Silver Oxide Batteries

These batteries are rechargeable and generate voltage lowest of 1.5 Volts to highest of 3.7 Volts. Use of Lithium-Ion batteries involves chemicals like Manganese dioxide and Metallic Lithium which acts as cathode and anode respectively.

Use of Lithium and Silver Oxide Batteries

They are used in consumer products and things we used in daily life like digital diaries, toys, wristwatches, stopwatches, iPods, Calculators, Pacemakers, etc. Besides these, there are many other uses many rechargeable batteries like it.

Mercury Batteries

You cannot recharge Mercury Batteries. It is made up of chemicals like Mercuric Oxide with Manganese Dioxide. The level of voltage produced by such batteries are up to 1.35 V. It has to be noted that these batteries can be hazardous for humans because Mercury is toxic chemical.

Use of Mercury Batteries

You can make use of Mercury Batteries for electronic devices, digital clocks, and photographic meters.

Zinc-Carbon Batteries

These batteries are popular by the name of ‘Dry Cells’ because the electrolyte used in these batteries are dry in nature. As you can guess it from the name, it is made up of chemicals like Zinc and Carbon. The price of these batteries are usually very low and are easily affordable.

Use of Zinc-Carbon Batteries

It is used for devices which consumer relatively low power such as Remote control, toys, flashlights, and table alarm clocks, etc.

Lead-Acid Batteries

Another battery type is Lead Acid batteries which are rechargeable and considered as heavyweight batteries. To use batteries for cars, these batteries are perfectly designed.

Use of Lead-Acid Batteries

They are prominently used in automobiles, for home invertors, and in personal computers.


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