10 Best Typing Hacks You Should Know To Master Typing

Are you a Tortoise or an Octopus? Hold on Guys, we’re talking about your typing speed. Are you as slow as tortoise or you can type fastest like having 8 arms of Octopus? Today the two must-have gadgets are smartphone and computer which is much needed to keep up the pace with the evolving world around you.

Having a good hand in typing on Qwerty keyboard of computers gives you many added advantage in your work, job, and everywhere. Good typing is not just eligibility for the vacancy of “Typist” profile but it applies uniformly to all areas because it makes work faster and efficient.

So, that’s decided that every one of us should have a good typing speed. An average good typing speed is considered as 55 to 65 Words per minute. If you are also among one of them who search the key on the keyboard every time before typing a letter, read this article. Here we’re giving you 10 Best Typing Hacks that makes you type like a Pro, even without looking at the keyboard.


Touch Typing Tutorial

Typing without looking at the keyboard is not rocket science. You just need to remember the arrangements of keys and set your fingers on the keyboard. Of course, this won’t happen overnight. You need to do 3 things for that – Practice, Practice, and Practice.

For Beginners and layman, we’re here giving the detailed step by step touch-typing hacks and tutorial where you need to make use of all your 10 fingers.

To get started, it’s important to know that for touch typing i.e. typing without looking at the keyboard, the whole keyboard is divided into the 2 parts. Left and Right portion. So you have to make use of your both hands to type fast.

First Learn Home Row

This is where the tour of touch typing begins and it continues till the end. The home row is very important, all your fingers reside on this home row right from the beginning. That’s why it’s called ‘Home Row’.

Then Place Your Fingers Right

The home row is that row on the keyboard which is having keys A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, and ‘;’ in a row. You have to place the index finger of your left hand on letter F and index finger of the right hand on letter J. Remaining fingers of the left hand will be like on A, S, and D. Similarly, that of the right hand will lie on K, L, and ‘;’. Thumb of both the hands is always lying on the Space Bar key to enter space after each word.

Now Learn To Move Fingers Across The Keyboard

Once you acquaint with the home row arrangement, the only thing you need to excel is to move the fingers across the keyboard for touch typing. For e.g., if you want to press ‘H’, you need to move your index finger of the right hand initially placed on ‘J’ to hit the letter ‘H’. Likewise, for pressing the letter ‘G’, you need to move the index finger of the left hand, which is initially placed on ‘F’.

For typing the letters above and below the home row, you need to learn the placement of keys. Say if you want to type the letter ‘Q’, you need to move your pinky finger or little finger. Similarly, say if you want to type the letter ‘C’, you need to move your index finger of the left hand down the home row to press the letter ‘C’.

Awesome Typing Hacks For Beginners

After learning the basic nuts and bolts of typing, get here some typing hacks & tricks that help you to improve your typing speed as well as accuracy. We’re sure it helps!

Use Shortcuts & Auto-correction

If people who often have to type, auto-correction and shortcut technique helps a lot to improve their typing speed from normal to excellent. You can assign shortcuts and abbreviations to some commonly used words like ‘bc’ for because and ‘addi’ for typing additionally. You can embed these abbreviations and shortcuts to your routine typing which makes you typing speedy.

Practice On Typing Tools

There are both online and offline typing master tools available for free where you can put your typing skills on the test. This helps you to improve your typing efficiency. These typing masters have all types of practice test. You can take test row-wise as well as for overall keyboard typing. The more you practice, the more you excel in typing as you must have heard – “Practice makes a man perfect” (by the way women too).

Develop A Typing Technique

Typing is not only about how fast you type, actually your typing speed is the average of speed and accuracy. So, accuracy also matters. The right position of your fingers and hand postures also makes a difference in your typing. It’s therefore suggestive that always not focus on typing fast instead develop a   where you can type fast with greater accuracy and in the correct position of your fingers and hands.

Memorize Key Positions & Learn From Mistakes

Learning from mistakes is must, be it a life problem or about typing issue. Don’t hesitate to do mistakes because it helps you to learn more. Also try to memorize the position of keys because the more you memorize, the faster you type. Gradually it develops a habit of touch typing in you.

Buy A Keyboard That Comfort Your Fingers

There are a lot of keyboard types available in the market. They could be of different size, price, and shapes. Before picking the keyboard don’t forget to check the comfort of your hands and fingers. Keys and buttons play an important role in order to type fast. Some keyboards are such that it won’t comfort you for typing long. You may feel finger pain as well. So, pick a comfortable keyboard for yourself.

These were some basic typing hacks and tips which will make you type like a pro. Don’t forget to practice everyday.


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