Android Bug That’s Draining Your Battery (Fix It Now)

A smartphone without a battery is like a Ferrari without fuel or a pen without ink. Completely useless! Smartphones, undoubtedly, life hacking gadget of the 21st century wherein everything goes mobile but batteries are still the battleground of Android phones. 

No matter how impressive features an Android phone got, it’s all in vain if its battery is not long-lasting. Since its inception, Android OS versions and the features offered have evolved to a great extent yet battery longevity is still a big issue.

Fast battery drainage is the major constraint, especially while traveling as Android phones are expected to do wonders through its powerful processors and bigger & brighter screens. But it’s quite expected that Android phones go slow due the burden of so many bulky Apps and games.

Google Play Services could Be The Reason

The latest version i.e. v18.3.82 of Google Play Services is accused of causing high battery drainage. Google Play Services runs in the background and turns the medium for the communication of other Android Apps. Signing into Gmail, playing games on Google Play, navigation on Google Maps, etc are all synchronized de to Google Play Services.

All Android phones have Google Apps. It has been reported that the new version has some kind of bug which adversely affect your Android battery. To know the details, go to your device settings and check the battery usage distribution. If No. 1 is Google Play Services, your device is affected with the bug.

We are going to discuss some solutions in this article to fix this bug and to get the most out of your Android batteries.

Download Google Play Services Beta Version

  • Download the official beta version of Google Play Services. Use this link.
  • Click on the button ‘Become a Beta Tester’.
  • Wait for the process to finish.

Download The Older Version of Google Play Services

There are many third-party App stores like Apk Mirror or Uptodown. You may download the older version of Google Play Services from there. Here’s how –

  • Visit Apk Mirror.
  • Download the previous version of Google Play Services.
  • Then go to security settings of your Android device.
  • Enable the option of “Unknown Sources”.
  • Proceed to Install the app.
  • After that, go to settings > Apps >Google Play Services >  Data Usage.
  • Disable the option of ” Background Data”.

Hopefully, above given battery boosting solution of the bug in Google Play Services could be of some help.


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