Microsoft Hires ‘MacBook’ To Advertise The New Surface Laptop 2

You must be wondering how’s that possible that MacBook is advertising for Microsoft, Right? Well, let us make you guys clear that ‘Mac Book’ is the name of a guy hired by Microsoft notably for the marketing of its new product ‘Surface Laptop 2’.


There is no secret that Microsoft and Mac are strong competitors of each other since long. These 2 giants always bring interesting ways to advertise over each other and left no chance to participate in the crosstalk.

This not just enhance their market participation but also catch the attention of tech geeks and users. Recently Microsoft has hired an individual whose name is Mackenzie Book (Mac Book, you see!) to promote its ‘Surface Laptop 2’.

In the ad of just 30 seconds long, this Aussie’s guy Mac Book is singing the praises of the probity of the new device of Microsoft. If we believe Mac Book, Microsoft’s ‘Surface Laptop 2’ is very fast in the functioning and a quite durable product. As seen in the ad, Mac Book was showing operating the laptop using the touchscreen feature, which is extremely handy and convenient for the users.

The whole idea of the Ad is really impressive, especially when the Mac Book recommend to have the new laptop saying that, – “You should get a Surface Laptop – trust me, I’m Mac Book”. Well, this isn’t the first instance when 2 of the brands have come with such marketing strategies. And of course, it’s going to continue with more such amazing ads and promotional plans.

Looking back at the history of Ads between Microsoft and Mac, there’re a lot of such rib-tickling Ads that entertain the viewers.

You must not forget the campaign ran by Apple for almost 3 years from 2006 to 2009. It was a series of commercials captioned as ‘Get a Mac’. Justin Long acted in the commercial as the ‘Mac’ with cool looks. The crux was to present the distinctive features of Mac over Windows. This was the talk of the town in the past decade due to the fun elements of the Ad. In many parts of the world, this ad was shown and liked by the majority of audiences. Let’s see what more we can see in the near future from these two tech giants.



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