Agency Website in Seconds – 8b Website Builder Tutorial

Websites and the digital world are the future and we can’t simply deny to adopt them in our life. Be it socialization, banking, shopping, Medical, or anything else you can think of, is all going digital through websites. With the power of technology and easy availability of internet access, things are going mobile and so as our websites. Unlike a decade ago, the picture of the digital world is changing. Websites have now become part and parcel of our life. Be it online shopping destinations like Amazon or it is about social websites like Facebook, websites are the base for all.

Making websites is very simple, easy, and free as well. We are going to tell you about one such website building platform i.e 8B Website builder, which can give you desired results in no time.

What is the 8B Website Builder?

Building a website involves a lot of factors. From designs to interface and menu, everything is very crucial and contribute equally to make the website user-friendly. One such website building source is 8B which makes use of the drag-and-drop technique to create the website design you want. Through 8B, you cannot just build your website in seconds but saves you from learning technical programming languages like HTML, PHP and Python. This means that anyone like you and me can build their own personalized website.

What makes 8B even more reliable and suitable is that it is powered by Google AMP. This fact helps in enhancing the speed for mobile visitors which boost conversion rate on your website and put up the high traffic figure on the board. This website builder is absolutely free of cost and offers you amazing templates with great eye treating themes and designs. Let’s talk more about the 8B Web themes in our next section.

8B Web Themes

There are hundreds of free website templates offered by 8B. All the themes are very attractive and suitable to fit into all types of businesses and services. It functions on the simple technique of drag and drop. This technique makes things quick and easy. Including photography, shopping, portfolio, agency, etc., 8B themes have something for every business and service provider.

The range of website template is very easy to operate and create their web pages. If you are someone who hasn’t yet started their website just because of the lack of templates and web themes, you could find ample themes here.

If you are an agency looking for a professional website, then 8B has a variety of agency themes which you can customize according to your needs. From header images to footer images everything is customizable.

Agency Theme

Search engine optimization is crucial for an Agency website and one of the best ways to optimize your website for search engines is through content marketing (blog posts). 8b website builder also has a section for blog posts which you can use to generate amazing content.

Blog Section

How to Create a Website in Seconds?

  • Visit the 8b Simple Website Builder.
  • Select the type of website you want to create, In this case, we are creating an agency website.
  • Enter a name for a website and click on the Create site.


  • Log in through your Facebook account. (Alternatively, you may also make use of Google account or your email address)
  • Now all you have to do is use the Drag and Drop Website Builder and customize the site according to your preference.
  • For a better understanding of the drag and drop website builder, you can check the below video.

  • That was the easiest way to create a website.



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