Android 10 Won’t Use Chrome App to Render Web Pages

Android smartphone users often come across web pages inside the apps like a login screen. This is possible due to WebView. Login screen and email connecting web pages is the best example for WebView. Android has added this as a separate component in its version 5.0 Lollipop. As Android 10 is out there, this feature is changing in its 10th release. The feature comes in the limelight when a geek Android 10 user highlights the issue of disappearance of WebView from Android 10 through Android bug tracker. You can find this option usually in ‘Developer options’.

To make this clear, one of the Android Engineer specify that Android 10 has changed the trend and implement a new feature called “Trichrome”. Here is what the Google Engineer wrote “Chrome is no longer used as a WebView implementation in Q+. We’ve moved to a new model for sharing common code between Chrome and WebView (called “Trichrome”) which gives the same benefits of reduced download and install size while having fewer weird special cases and bugs.”, wrote the Google engineer.”

So, that’s straightaway clear that Chrome is no more going to implement WebView. However, the new feature replacing the WebView will be according to the Chromium project but has not attached with Chromium App.

The chromium Project page is also showing the Android may release multiple WebViews similar to the Chrome browser. There it is written that “For Android Q+, WebView and Chrome are again separately installed APKs. However, Google began building a separate package of WebView for each of the four Chrome channels: Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary.”

The Chrome page further says that “Like with Monochrome, users can find each of these four channels of WebView on the Play Store and install them simultaneously on a single device. Also like Monochrome, users can use the “WebView implementation” menu to choose which installed WebView the system should use.”

To clarify more about WebView, let us give you the simple definition of it. A WebView is nothing but a kind of browser embedded in a mobile application. The coding of an App and that of WebView browser is synchronized. WebView add ease for the App user and improves the user experience.

So, WebView implementation is going to be a major change that grabs the attention of Android web users.



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