How To Get Free Royal Pass Season 9 (New Trick)

A year has been passed and still, PUBG fever is on. We have Good News for all PUBG lovers. You can grab a chance to get a free Royal pass for PUBG season 9. Being an insane PUBG lover, I have finally got a way to get PUBG royal pass for season 9 for free. And I know, how all my fellow PUBG fans are desperate to get this pass. So, here I am revealing the secret. 

How To Get PUBG Season 9 Royal Pass For Free


So, without beating around the bush, let’s come to the point that what you need to do for earning 600 UC points right in your PUBG account and winning the season 9 royal pass for free. 

  • Login to your PUBG account.
  • On the main page, tap on the Box menu, here you will see the option of ‘Bonus reward’. (If the option is not visible to you, scroll down to fix this issue)

Bonus-Rewards PUBG Mobile

  • Tap on the option of ‘Bonus reward’.
  • Now you have to complete a challenge for earning 7500 points. This 7500 points will help you to redeem 600 UC points. Using these UC you can easily buy royal pass for free.
  • The challenge is to win three matches in a row. (Jump on to our next section to know how to win 3 matches in a row easily).

Win-3-Classic-Squad-in-a-Row PUBG Mobile

  • Upon winning three matches in a row, you will get 7500 points.
  • Once you have the points go to the redeem option, here you can redeem your 600 UC points using the Battle coins points. 


  • Since you only get one redemption, First redeem the 500 UC pack which is for 5000 battle coins, then redeem 100 UC pack which is for 1000 battle points. 

This way, you would be able to get the season 9 PUBG royal pass for free.

How To Win 3 Matches in A Row in PUBG Mobile

To get the free season 9 royal pass, you need to take challenges and win 3 classic squad matches in a row. In this challenge, when you bet 10 coins, you will earn the reward of 1500 coins. To earn multiple times, you should have enough coins in your account. 

Tip: To get more coins in your account, you can do only one thing and that is Play! Play! And Play!. 

To win the 3 matches in a row without many efforts, you can use this trick –

  • Open your main account in which you want to purchase UC points.
  • Now tell your friends to create a PUBG account with a random email ID. (You can also help them to get free UC)
  • Make them a leader to enter into the match.
  • Since the 3 out of 4 players have low rank , You will find the lobby with low-rank players and this way you can easily win the match.

After you win the 3 matches in a row, you have to redeem the points. Go to the Redemption store. 

Not Getting a Bonus Reward Option?

Those who are not lucky to get the option of bonus reward, we have a workaround for them too. To get the option of Bonus reward, do as directed.

  • Launch Pubg mobile.
  • In the home screen tap on the box menu 3-4 times.
  • Now restart Pubg Mobile.

Repeat this 2 to 3 times, hopefully, the option will be visible to your account.



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