This App Store Lets You Install iOS Apps Without Jailbreaking

Apple is very clinging about any App installation on any iPhone or iPad. Apple won’t allow its users to install any App other than from Apple’s app store. To install third-party apps, you need to jailbreak your device. This scenario is changed by Riley Testut, who has developed an alternative App store called AltStore for installing iOS Apps without jailbreaking. Surprised! Well, that’s true. Let’s tell you how the AltStore works.

How AltStore Bypass Apple’s Privacy & Security Policy?

AltStore is basically an App store developed for the iOS operating system and is compatible with all the iOS versions including the latest iOS 13. According to the official blog of Riley Testut made it clear that the Alternative Apple App store developed by him does not need any enterprise certificates. It simply cracks Apple’s policies and blocks the misusers.

AltStore put to use a rarely known developer feature which enables them to install Apps developed through Xcode using their Apple ID. FYI Xcode is Apple’s development toolkit. This is not less than a blessing for developers who wants to test their newly developed Apps because Apple costs them 99 $ a year. Apple doesn’t allow the installation of Apps from Xcode without putting any rationale reason.

Riley further says that AltStore is so developed that it fools the Apple Store thinking that whatever the Apps you’re installing is your own development. In that case, Apple won’t have any issue and you will not be alleged of violating its policies. Now as Apple thinks that it’s legitimate, Apple won’t create any trouble for you.

How You Can Install Apps From AltStore?

To make use of AltStore, you should be an Apple user and holds a valid Apple ID. For Installing Apps from AltStore, AltStore needs your Apple ID and password to connect you with the Apple developer server as ‘You’. Riley Testut has assured that the credentials will be safe and secure and won’t ever be shared on a third-party server.

On the other hand, there’s no way to install the Apps from AltStore directly. For Windows and Mac devices, AltServer is there. AltServer is a desktop support App just like AltStore. Riley Testut said that “AltServer is a desktop companion app for macOS/Windows that does nothing but just silently run in the background listening for incoming AltStore connections. When a connection is formed, AltStore sends a resigned/refreshed app to AltServer over WiFi, which then uses the same underlying iTunes WiFi sync infrastructure as Apple to wirelessly install the app back to your device.”

As of now, AltStore is under development and has to go a long way. Delta NES Emulator is the only App available in the AltStore currently. As the information is fetched from Testut’s blog, he is going to launch it day after tomorrow i.e. 28th Sept 2019. Testut renders this project as an open-source and so any developer who’s interested to know about its coding can check the source code on Github


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