iPhone 11 Costs Less than iPhone XR (Everything You Should Know)

iPhone is the flagship smartphone from Apple and is always marched towards getting better with the new and latest technology. This time, it is iPhone 11 in the market with many more new and advanced features. Recently Apple has made an official announcement for the launch of its 3 new iPhone models viz., iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Tentatively it may come in the market later this month. Here we are writing on everything you should know about this new iPhone devices.

What’s New in Camera?


The new iPhone will have new dual-lens, new sensors, and a new ultra-wide-angle lens providing the view up to 120 degrees of the subject. Switching between different options like Ultra Wide shot or Optical Zoom is super easy. An extra frame will be added to your shot in the new Wide Angle Lens feature.

The intelligent camera sensor will automatically activate the night mode in the dark or when the lights are not enough in the room. You would be, therefore, able to click the pictures awesome even under the moonlight. This is possible with the help of advanced adaptive bracketing.

Now let’s talk about the front camera! The front camera will be of 12 Megapixel with a Wide Angle feature which can also take pictures in the landscape mode for group photos. If you are someone loves to make slow-motion videos, iPhone 11 front camera is now supportable for this passion of yours.

If talking notably about iPhone 11 Pro, you will enjoy triple-lens mechanism with Wide Angle just like in the iPhone 11. The additional quality in Pro camera is that it will support super Wide Angle unlike in iPhone 11. It will also work with the telephoto lens and offers 4 times Zoom range. Both the Pro and Pro Max models will have deep fusion utilizing which they can take a total of 9 images so that you can analyze the best part of each and every individual image. Later on, you can put these images together to form a single photo.

Screen Size That Matters

Where the world is shrinking into mobile phones, the screen size of our phone is expanding. People love to use iPhones with larger displays and screen sizes. You can use the screen size of 6.1 Inch with Liquid Retina LCD display on iPhone 11. However, iPhone 11 Pro comes featured with a 5.8-inch OLED super retina XDR display. In the Max Model of iPhone 11 series, it has 6.5 Inch Super Retina XDR display.

Add A Wide Range of Colors

iPhones are now getting colorful. Above grey, white, and black, there are now many more color choices in the new iPhone 11 series. iPhone 11 can be seen in Green, White, Black, Yellow, and Purple, & Red colors. iPhone 11 Pro and Max will have limited options for Midnight Green, Gold, Silver, and Grey.

Extended Battery Life

The battery is just like the soul of any mobile phone. Without a battery, it is dead. So, as always, Apple owners focus on improving the battery life of the iPhone. As a result, in the new iPhone 11, the battery life is such that the user can use it all day long. As compared to iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro can run 4 more hours. While iPhone 11 Pro Max has the strongest battery life of 5 hours plus over its predecessor.

These new iPhones are expected to feature with an 18W super-fast charging system which is quite an appreciable update over its all previous iPhone models. For this reason, the Apple logo will now appear on the back of the device, in the center. This is decided to indicate the user with the right place to put the phone down on the wireless charger socket.

Addition of A13 Chip

In all the iPhone models of 2018, there is A12 Bionic chip. Now, the new iPhone 11 series models come with the more advanced A13 chip. A13 is more powerful than its predecessor and is claiming to be the fastest CPU and GPU smartphone.

If we dig into the technical aspects of A13, it has a new U1 sensor which is also named Rose/R1. This sensor works exceptional for detecting and fetching the physical location of the device by scanning the sensors. It might sound similar to the early M-series motion co-processor but this will be more accurate and fast. It includes IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and integrated data from all applications like accelerometer, barometer, compass, microphones, and gyroscope. A13 also supports Bluetooth’s latest version 5.1 with UWB (Ultra Wide Band) and camera for optical tracking of sensor data.

Besides this, A13 is so designed that it will enable swift and better machine learning. It is efficient while saving power. With this, Face ID would be able to work from varied angles and will be faster than ever. You can experience, the better functionality in all the 3 iPhone 11 devices.

USB Support

In the new iPhone 11 series, there will be no USB-C port. The new models will also charge through lightning. However, if count on the officials, USB-C support will be possible from the beginning of the year 2020.

Launch Date of New iPhone 11, Pro, And Pro Max

As of now, there is no exact date is announced. We can estimate the launch by the end of September. However, for pre-order bookings will be open on 13th September 2019 from 05.00 A.M (PST). Possibly from the 20th of September, iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max could be available in the market.



The starting price of the iPhone 11 is 699 $ which is around 50K in Indian Rupees. If you are planning to buy iPhone 11 Pro, it will cost you 999 $ which in Indian Rupees is near about 72 K. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is costlier of all. It starts at 1099 $ i.e. 79 K INR.


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