Best Encrypted Messenger: Hide Yourself From The Third-Parties Eyes!

We live in a totalitarian state with broken laws, where the secrecy of correspondence is not just a matter of privacy, but often a matter of freedom or even physical survival. In this regard, Internet users are increasingly concerned about the protection of messengers from the third-parties.

In this regard, the development team decided to create an anonymous and secure messenger that can solve all Internet security issues – Utopia P2P Ecosystem.[no_toc]

uMessenger – Best Encrypted Messenger 2019

Why do you need to choose Utopia and use a convenient anonymous messenger – uMessenger?

In the arsenal of technical characteristics it has the following positions:

  • Peer-to-peer architecture.

The technology assumes that there is no single server on which all correspondence and user data are stored. A user is a peer that is both a server and a client. Access to information opens a personal key that is generated during registration. That is, only two objects are included in the process of information exchange: the sender and the recipient, without third-parties.

  • Multi-level sophisticated encryption.

At the heart of encryption methods is the use of a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 that protects all user data, as well as a 256-bit AES that stores all information. To date, this method of encryption is the most advanced.

  • Functionality.

Anonymous messenger allows you not only to send and receive encrypted text and voice messages but also to add pictures, stickers, and emojis to them. Also, it is possible to create chats, access to which only its members will have. There is a unique opportunity for bloggers to create channels. Therefore, to communicate with the audience in the messenger is not only safe, but also convenient. For the channel to be easily found by all interested users, it can be marked on uMap.

  • Possibility of anonymous registration and use.

When registering, the user does not need to enter their identification data. His nickname is a personal generated key that opens access to the system and to the server where the data is stored.

Above all, Utopia is not only an anonymous messenger. It is also a closed ecosystem in which each person can use the following functionality:

Idyll Browser. The browser works under a tunnel data technology, which assumes that all the necessary sites are already in the system at the public domain. In addition, each user can add new ones or create them. The service does not request cookies and you can surf the Internet through it anonymously.

E-mail – uMail. File sharing of a new generation, through which you can send the most secret and confidential documents and files. And thanks to the Hybrid Mode, the user can perform all actions in one window without switching to correspondence when performing other actions.

E-wallet – uWallet. It allows users to make any electronic payments or accept them from other users: it can be purchases, various payments, or simply transfer money to friends. All this happens in the system’s cryptocurrency – cryptons. A nice bonus of the system is the Mining Bot, which earns cryptons to the user for being online through a Utopia.

All these features are supported by a user-friendly interface that has two color themes: black and white. Utopia is available on any Windows, IOS, Linux. For more convenient use of the ecosystem, a mobile phone version will be released soon.

The choice is evident!

If you are seriously concerned about the security of your data on the Internet, the conclusion is obvious – use Utopia and remain the sole owner of your files, documents and, correspondence.

Use uMessenger and protect all your messages at once and for all! Be the hero of your life!


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