Microsoft Unveiled Dual-Screen Surface Duo Running Android

In the race of launching new devices, Microsoft, after Xiaomi, & Huawei, has also surprised everyone announcing ‘Foldable Surface Duo’ phone at its surface event. The product will be in the user’s hands by the end of the holiday season of 2020.

Prior to this, Microsoft has announced dual-screen surface neo laptop and now on similar grounds a compact size ‘Foldable Surface Duo’ phone. There are two displays in the new Surface duo. Both the displays are of 5.6 inches and the best part is you can rotate it 360 degrees. It is easily unfolded and transforms into an 8.3-inch tablet.

Surface Duo Phone
Surface Duo Phone

As there’re two displays, two different apps can be easily used on this phone. If you feel like playing games, you can turn on the landscape mode and make use of 2nd display as your game controller or keyboard. The new ‘Foldable Surface Duo’ has an Android operating system. However, the version of Android seems like Windows 10X as it runs in widescreen surface Neo. 

Counting on the sources, the new surface Duo has Snapdragon 855 processor but still, the camera and other elements of this device are a secret. With this, Microsoft has made a banging come back into the world of smartphones. This could be evident when Microsoft’s chief product officer Panos Panay, was introducing to the world.

Panos said that “You can text, you can write, you can do what you want. Make no mistake, this product is a Surface.”

The screen of the device is not foldable, but it is split into two parts and the device can be folded such that you can easily keep it in your pocket. Mr. Panos Panay made it clear at the launch event that people shouldn’t call it a phone although just like any other smartphone, it makes phone calls and it has a camera too.

There is no doubt that, Microsoft owns the desktop market but it terribly failed in the mobile phone markets. The new launch is definitely going to be crucial for Microsoft’s mobile wing and will decide its fortune in the upcoming tech world.

Microsoft said that they partnering with Google to facilitate Android OS on Microsoft phones. He said, “bring the best of Android”. The second display of the phone can also be used as a stand while watching movies and videos so that there is no need to attach any external stand.


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