A Smartphone for a Minimalist – Mudita Pure

Smartphones have taken over our lives. We can’t imagine life without smartphones and the virtual world. Just like fashion in clothes, we are now switching back to less-featured smartphones so that we could focus on things that really matter. Mudita is the modern take on a classic phone.

Cheap smartphones and an easily accessible internet connection, turn all of us online. Now, it’s hard to imagine our life with the internet. Being online means, updating with the world, staying connected on social media, handling banking transactions on-the-go, and much more. Mudita is the new device in the market that eliminates all the unnecessary features and distractions.[no_toc]

Mudita is the phone that comes with limited features to disconnect you with irrelevant stuff while ensuring proper reachability. It’s a classic kind of cell phone, like that of Nokia days, with a classy look in white. Mudita reduces blue-light exposure using an e-ink display. Plus, the SAR value of Mudita is ultralow. By SAR value we mean, radio waves which are absorbed by the body of the carrier). 

Mudita Pure
Mudita Pure

The idea behind launching this less-featured yet a smartphone is to disconnect you from distractions. It’s possible that many of you would not appreciate this where you could easily get top of the line feature full smartphone. Also, for people who have to constantly stay connected with the internet, Mudita pure is not desirable for them, although it gives access to the internet but is limited to only a few essential features.

Mudita Pure

The launch of Mudita Pure has made one thing clear for sure that the involvement of the internet and mobile phones are too much in our life that we need devices like Mudita Pure.

Some FAQs Regarding Mudita Pure

Is it possible to connect Mudita Pure with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

Mudita Pure can’t be connected to the Wi-Fi. Although, it can be connected to the laptop using the USB cable. This way, you can turn the Mudita as an external GSM Modem. Yes, Bluetooth can be connected with Mudita. The latest Mudita has 4.2 version of Bluetooth. So, all the accessories like wireless speakers, headphones, etc can be connected with Mudita.

Does Mudita Pure Have GPS Settings?

Mudita Pure comes embedded with GSM module which happily supports 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE. So, it works globally and offers GPS services also. There available 2 nano-SIM cards, so that users can easily switch between the two. One can even add the SIM card to a foreign country. So, there are no in-built maps but GPS can be accessible when connected to the internet.

What is The Procedure of Importing and Exporting Contacts on Mudita Pure?

To export or import the contacts, there are 2 options available to the users. Firstly, you can connect the phone through Bluetooth and import or export your contacts. Secondly, exporting contact is also possible through vCard or CSV file format.

Is Mudita Pure is Water Proof?

Mudita pure is safe from water, dust, and splash. It has IP 54.

What if I Want to Remove the Battery of New Mudita Pure

Yes, there is no harm in removing the battery of Mudita pure.


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