Microsoft Hid The ‘Use Offline Account’ Option For Installing Windows 10

The majority of personal computer users are on Windows. Since the day Windows 10 was released in 2015, there are around 900 million active users today. It was one of the most liked and fastest-growing Windows version. With the advancements and updates in Windows, Microsoft wants its users to create an account with Microsoft and synchronize it with your Windows system and software like OneDrive, Office 365, and Xbox Live together with a single sign in.

This is actually very useful because you don’t have to remember multiple passwords for different devices. Moreover, everything becomes so handy and available easily. When Windows 10 update in May 2019, version 1903,  was released, users can turn on the Airplane mode to disconnect the internet and continue doing routine work on the system. In addition, it also gave the option of “Continue with limited setup”, choosing the option of “I don’t have internet”, after which Microsoft allowed to create an offline account.

Later on this option of “Create an offline account” has been disabled as per the user queries flooding on the online forums like Reddit and Quora. Actually, Microsoft hasn’t removed this option but renamed it as “Domain join instead”. So, if one still wants to create an offline account with Microsoft, click on the “Domain join instead” option and follow the instructions on your PC screen. However, Microsoft prefers its users to create an online account instead of an offline account.


Probably, it could be Microsoft’s strategy to develop confusion around creating an offline account and push them for an online account. Well, it’s just anticipation as nothing is revealed on this by Microsoft officially. Although, if that’s true, there is nothing wrong with doing that as in the competitive tech market, this could be a good plan to increase the online user base. You see, the same things are adopted by Google with Android and Apple with iOS.

From the users’ perspective, Microsoft should provide the straightaway option and freedom to manage their accounts (offline or online). Technology is a double-sided world! No doubt, online connectivity reduces a lot of your burden but it is equally necessary to minimize your online presence in order to escape from attackers, hackers, and intruders. So, sometimes it’s good to go offline & Microsoft should understand this. If you want any further help on creating an offline Google account, you may go to Microsoft support.


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