Gamer Hijacks Airport Screen To Play PS4 Game ‘Apex Legends’

Ever have that one gaming title that you have been waiting for entire years to lay your hands on? That one game to rule them all; the one to solve all our anxiety and make us feel would cure diseases? And the moment you finally do get to hold it? The thrill, the action, the story, all of these roping you in and nothing in the world is the same anymore! If you answered no, you are clearly not being honest with yourself.

Everyone has one of those major ‘I can’t wait for the release’ titles – PC or console. But all we do to exhibit that excitement is maybe keep tweeting or posting on WhatsApp about it relentlessly.

Not this gamer flying out from Portland, Oregon. A local radio station, KXL, reported this incident. A young man on his way out of Portland was particularly bored out of his mind. He was at his wits’ end when he decided enough was enough when he decided to do what he did. Wait for it.

He picked out his PS4 console and plugged into a monitor at the Airport. And not just any screen, it was the Information monitor that he ended up taking over. That’s the screen that gives information to travelers such as the map of the airport, or the departure and arrival of flights.

Obviously, his game of Apex Legends was halted when a security officer stepped in to ask him to stop playing. He was asked to unplug the console and allow the screen to serve its intended purpose of serving the travelers. The gamer was having none of it, however. He politely requested the security officer if he could finish his game first. He was, in return, politely declined and was asked to pack up. Guess his winning round ended with that.

We can all definitely relate to this young man and his excitement to the game!

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