15 Best Free Typing Softwares To Master Typing

Typing speed has become very essential in today’s world. It is one of the first things employers notice in a potential employee. So, even if it is just to impress your superiors or just to get better at working with a computer, typing speed is essential in the everyday life of a person. One way to be better at this is by practicing constantly. Even if you are relatively good at it, it definitely would not hurt to keep working on the skill, right?

Today, let us share with you the best typing softwares you could use to improve your typing skills. You can also check if you require work with certain words, or if you are better than the best with these tools that help you check your typing skills.

Top 15 Best Free Typing Software

Rapid Typing Tutor

rapid-typing-tutor-typing software

This is slightly sophisticated software in terms of how it looks. This software is targeted at beginners who lack the muscle memory that typing requires. The colorful user interface makes it a good software for children being taught this skill. Also, it comes packed with games and exercises which help you learn and become better at the skill.


Type Faster


Another free software offering that is also very simple to use. This software is aimed at people who are in the intermediate stages of typing. It is aimed at users who are wishing to learn touch typing. Touch typing is when you wish to type without having to look at the keyboard as you do it. This is best for people who seek to improve their muscle memory on the keyboard.


Max Type Pro

MaxType PRO Typing Tutor

This is a freeware with a very attractive user interface. However do not let that fool you, as this software is designed for all stages of skill levels. The application is as helpful for a beginner as it is challenging for an expert. What sets this typing software apart from the rest is the assessment it provides. It sends weekly reports to the user and provides them with practical sessions. Thus it fuses the two main requirements when one wishes to better their skill.


Kiran’s Typing Tutor


A free software, this typing tutor is helpful for those aiming to better their skill. It is for the beginners. It has many challenges and tests a user could use to check their level. Additionally, it also has features like ‘word per minute’ and ‘keys per minutes’ parameters that enable a user to see how they are doing daily.


Analytical Eye Typing Tutor


Be the best at typing with this free software. Take on the daily lessons provided to you and get a grip on the skill. Master the skill of typing by completing the many tests set. The user also has access to a lot of typing games. This typing software also tracks a user’s progress and informs them of the same.

Tutor Type


Tutor Type is a freeware that has been aiding its users with their typing skills. It is aimed at users possessing intermediate skills. The software is aimed at teaching the user touch typing, the ability to type without having to look at the keyboard. The other offering of this software is that it tracks the user’s speed while typing and their accuracy.


TIPP 10 Typing Software

TIPP10 typing software

This freeware is a minimalist tool aimed at improving the muscle memory of the user while they type. It comes loaded with sessions and lessons that take a user through the entire course of typing. This software is different from the rest as the user can create their practice lessons for self-practice.


Stamina Typing Tutor


This is a minimalist freeware. It helps the users typing skills in the most efficient ways by using the simplest interface possible. The software comes with a lot of virtual keyboards and languages to choose from. It is only focussed on the task of improving the user’s typing skills.



KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Free

This is free software that is both minimalistic and efficient in its functionality. This is best useful for beginners who lack the muscle memory required while typing on a computer. The interface is clean with the screen divided into two. There is a panel where the user can view a virtual keyboard and check the keys as they are being pressed on the screen. This is immensely useful for beginners and helps them master typing in no time at all.


Just Type Typing Software


This free typing software is aimed at improving the touch type of the user. It uses different colors to help the user identify the various regions their fingers are to rest while they type. This also makes this software beneficial to both children and adults.

Bodie’s Typing Tutor


This is a free typing software focussed on helping the user master their keystrokes. Aimed at improving muscle memory in a user, this software lets them master this skill. The user can choose from a plethora of lessons to learn from systematically.


Tux Typing Tutor For Kids


Unlike every other software on this list, this free to use software is aimed only at kids. This software helps children learn the skill of typing through many games and other features that keep one entertained.


KTouch Typing Tutor


This is the only software on this list that is exclusively available only to Linux users. It comes with various lessons to be taken by the user. Further, it also displays useful information to the user such as the time taken to finish a test, the number of characters per minute typed, and the user’s accuracy.


GNU Typist


This is a free and open-source typing software released under the GNU General Public License. While it appears very basic, it packs useful features. For instance, this software tells you the raw speed at which a user types, and the speed minus the time taken for adjustments made. The tutorials of this software also come in many languages and related keyboards.


Typing Trainer


This freeware is all set to improve the user’s typing accuracy. Upon launching the software, it asks for signup. This is recommended as all the lessons and tests become available once the user has signed up. The software also has score reports for the user, and many games through which they can perfect the skill of typing.


So those were our typing software recommendations. You can also read our typing hacks and tips guide to type faster and more efficiently. We hope you make the most of it!

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