15 Best Free Sites To Test Typing Speed (Master Typing)

What makes a difference between you and other equivalent qualified candidates, is how fast you can type. A company always gives preference to fast typers because fast typing with sufficient accuracy improves your productivity. Be it a paralegal job or an executive assistant, typing speed matters. If you can type 50 WPM (Words Per Minute), you have an average typing speed. If your score is between 50 to 65 WPM, you’re good at typing and above that is considered as excellent.

15 Best Free Sites To Test Typing Speed

There are many free online websites to test typing speed for you. These sites also help you to improve your typing speed through various games and free online typing courses. We are here listing 15 such websites which not only assess your current typing speed but also provide enough material to make improvements.


To test typing speed in a hassle-free way, this is a good website. It’s a simple free online typing speed test for you. You can take the test from 1 minute to until text ends. Plus, you can customize the typing test and upload your own text to put your typing skills on the test. The results will be shown in WPM (Words Per Minute) on the basis of speed and accuracy.

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On this website, you need to create an account or log in to an existing account in order to test typing speed. Take part in typing competition here to check who can type the fastest. You can also enjoy it like a game through multiplayer typing test mode, where you need to play typing games against others. The option of custom typing test is also provided. You can share your score on Facebook right from the site.

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You can practice and test typing speed both on this website. This is a nice option for recruiters also, as there is a separate option of ‘Test for Recruiters’. With over 4 million tests completed every month, this is quite a popular free website to test typing speed. You can take 1 Min – 5 Min typing test as per your choice. You can also play many interesting typing games as well.

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It is the free site to not just test typing speed but it’s a complete typing tour to take, where you can learn typing hacks, take typing lessons, and play typing games. The website is designed for easy navigation as all the options are arranged conveniently on the home tab. This is totally online and there is no need for installations, registration, or downloads.

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You can typing test of 1 Min, 3 Mins, and 5 Mins. The website displays the ranking of all the tests taken. These rankings are updated every minute. The home page of the site offers you 3 options viz., Typing courses, Typing Test, and Typing Games. You can also adjust volume, screen size, and font size. Moreover, the website allows you to make use of the virtual keyboard as well.

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You don’t need to create an account or register yourself to test typing speed on this free site. However, if you want to track your progress, you need to get registered. The timer gets on as you start typing. The right letters and words turn green while the wrong ones are highlighted in Red color. When you start taking the test, there is no time limit so you can type as long as you want. When you stop typing, you will get the time you have taken for typing, the speed in %, and the accuracy in %.

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To know at what level you can type, this site requires you to create an account. Creating a new account is absolutely free. Once you log into your account, the website keeps a track record of your typing skills so that you can evaluate your performance and learning side by side. Here on this website, the typing test is of 5 minutes. The site also saves all your progress and make it convenient to type with the online keyboard as well.

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Ratatype is a full online package for learning and testing typing. You can give a challenge to your online friends to know who types fast? And also get the certificate of typing. The website offers free step by step tutorials for learning touch keyboard typing. You can also create and manage personalized groups here which makes typing much more fun and enjoy. It is an easy and free website with very minimalistic navigation.

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This is another site to put your typing skills on the test. This website describes the calculation of WPM so that you can figure out where you are lacking. Every single mistake fastens a penalty mark which slows down your typing. As you know there are a lot of benefits of typing fast without looking at the keyboard, the only thing that can excel your typing speed is ‘Practice’. The more your type, the more you learn and improve. Keyhero has everything that a good online typing tutor has.

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Are you a Pro typist or needs a lot of improvement? Visit goodtylimg.com and find the answer for free. The website offers you to take part in various typing tutorials row-wise as well as for full keyboard. This site allows you to download a PDF copy of your typing test results showing the time taken to complete the test, typing speed, and accuracy percentage. You can also check your rankings among other typists. When you type a wrong letter, you can’t type ahead unless you correct the mistake. The Backspace key does not work. To continue, you just need to type correctly.

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This website gives you a total of 144 exercises to test your typing fluency. What makes the site stand out among the rest is that it gives the areas of improvement along with the results of the typing test. To assess correctly, you can’t go back and correct the wrongly typed word or letter. Besides that, there are many typing exercises to practice and attain typing perfection.

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Log in to this website and take one two and three minutes typing test. The site claims to provide practice and test if full sentences and paragraphs from books rather than just random simple words. You can even get a certification of your typing speed. According to the website owner, users are not prevented to correct their mistakes. They can make use of the backspace also, unlike other such sites, as it happens while actual typing.

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The interface of this website is very attractive and colorful. On the homepage of the site itself, all the latest name of the person who has taken the typing test is visible publicly along with the date, time, and the result of typing. To start your test, you don’t need to create an account. Simply enter your name, select the range of characters and start the test. Besides typing test, there are sections like typing tutor, typing games, typing software, and tips for improving typing. In short, this site is the complete package for typing.

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From stories to short paragraphs, there are many options for testing your typing abilities. The site displays the name of the top 3 scores of the day. There is no need to register or login to the site. Simply choose the test you want to take and click on the ‘Start Test’ button. Rest, it has all the essential features that an online typing site should have.

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For assessing yourself and comparing with others, this is a nice website to take part in typing test. Here the typing test would be of 10 minutes comprising of 15 sentences which appears on your screen in a row. That unique thing here is that you can make use of features like auto-correction and other advances typing features as you do in programs like MS Word, etc. Every time you take the test, typing content will change.

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