Digital Marketing – The Best Companies on the Market you Should know About

If you have a business with a valuable product or service and are looking to go the distance and take your company to the stratosphere, digital marketing plays a significant role in building and developing your brand.

Building an engaging and intuitive website, an interactive social media channel, and launching an email marketing campaign can do you wonders. Here are a bunch of services you ought to look for while selecting a digital marketing agency to work with.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are known to be effective in organically increasing the amount of online traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a digital marketing tool that you can use to generate targeted leads with the help of paid advertising. PPC is a highly effective method as paid searches can produce a significant amount of traffic, which, in turn, can bring in new leads and see faster Return On Investments (ROI).

Link Outreach

Links are the crux of a successful SEO campaign. Digital marketing agencies offer link building and managing services for clients across a variety of sectors. Marketing agencies study and research keyword rankings and increase organic traffic to boost your brand recognition and presence using link building.

Social Media Management and Advertising

Social media advertising is growing at an ever-increasing pace in this day and age. Having an interactive social media account can boost your brand’s online presence and catalyze your business growth by increasing the conversion rate through numerous platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and so forth.

Social media advertising on several platforms can drastically increase brand awareness, and in turn, e-commerce sales.

Management of Online Reputation


Establishing your business online is only the start. It is vital to keep your reputation intact. There are digital marketing agencies that can actively monitor your status across the leading websites where you are ranking well, along with customer reviews that could potentially taint your business if they are not good.

However, if you are satisfied with your business’ current website and are looking to incorporate additional features and boost the conversions from your traffic sources, you can count on digital marketing agencies to analyze your website, study your target audience and competitors, and give you a list of suggestions for enhanced web optimization and a higher conversion rate.

The Best Digital Marketing Agencies

Here are some of the best digital marketing agencies out there.

3Q Digital

3Q Digital is a top digital marketing agency San Francisco has to offer. Here are some of its best features:

  • 3Q is known to blend art and data-driven science. You can expect to receive targeted ad creatives that are optimized for performance across channels, platforms, and ad formats.
  • The importance of visibility and content cannot be emphasized enough. You can expect 3Q Digital to provide you with the right information on on-site architecture, user experience (UX), keywords, and the content you need to attract your target audience.
  • Most clients coordinate with 3Q to best understand and optimize each channel and interaction with the customer to ensure performance at scale.
  • 3Q Digital’s Decision Sciences team makes it easy for you to understand your audiences and determine how best you can use your budget. In addition to this, they help you define, plan, and implement numerous measurement solutions to ensure the collection of data needed to deliver their best analytical approach.

Mad Mind Studios

Mad Mind Studios is a digital marketing agency based out of Los Angeles. This agency provides business-specific custom digital marketing solutions. They offer a wide variety of essential services that include web design, marketing campaigns, strategy and consulting, branding and logo, naming and tagline, and a lot more.

Some of their marketing services include Facebook and Instagram, Influencer, print design marketing, Social Media, eCommerce, and Los Angeles SEO. Seeing how they have been long established in LA, Mad Mind Studios has managed to build an impressive portfolio in many eCommerce and social media marketing arenas.

Pink Shark Marketing

Pink Shark Marketing is a small but effective digital marketing agency with 2 – 10 employees. The shortage in the number of members has not prevented Pink Shark Marketing from establishing itself as one of the best and most reliable social media agencies on the LA market.

Pink Shark Marketing offers a whole range of essential services, including logo design, creative content (photo, graphics, video), Facebook, Instagram, social media management, Google advertising, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Here is a spectacular digital marketing agency Austin proudly boasts.

Digitech works with a handful of clients and build out unique, highly technical strategies for your website while simultaneously creating powerful backlinks on publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and so forth.

They also use what they know about your brand, create campaign-specific landing pages to maximize conversion rates and your AdWords score.

After this, they build out masterful AdWords campaigns that are precisely honed to reach your target audience. They Utilize numerous forms of technology to continuously monitor your Google AdWords campaign to ensure it is operating at its absolute peak.

Digitech’s social media management team is known to boost your brand by creating ad campaigns, ad images, and the video content required to turn the clients you want into returning customers. Digitech uses the following as part of their social media marketing strategy: Facebook Campaign Build, Advanced Audience Research, Advanced Demographic Research, Visual Content Creation, among others.


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