How To Attract More Eyeballs With Your Video Ads

Even when watching a YouTube video, there are few ads we find hard to skip. It could be because they are funny, have a celebrity you like or the product that is advertised is of your liking—the curious mind sees consumers ads like any other form of content. If you are making an ad for a rough day like a flash sale or cyber monday ads, then the end goal is to bring users to your products.

There is no secret ingredient, but there are a few traits of human nature which can be leveraged to attract eyeballs. A video ad already has the advantage of being both an audio and a video medium. This is the reason it activates more scenes in the viewer and thus has a much higher return on investment.

No matter what business you are, small or large, video ads are the present and the future of this digital era.

If you are looking to see what makes a good video ad, we need to take a few steps back and attack this from the inception stage, which before you jump into making an ad, which today can quickly be done even on a photo slideshow maker, keep these points in mind.

Understand Your Target Demographic

The TG or target demographic is the reason we are aiming to do all of this. It’s essential first to note who the market you are catering to is. Video content such as ads must be tailor-made to fit the needs of the audience that is a potential consumer. For example, An advertisement for a local coffee shop cannot be done in a foreign language.

Define Call To Actions

The end goal of any ad is getting the viewer of your product. This can be in any form or format. Understand what your CTA is. They can be making a sale, generating a lead, educating about a product, getting a link-click, or making sure that they remember your business. It’s crucial to know what results you expect and how you can get there.

Study The Distribution Platform

When you make a video ad, keep in mind the placement of these ads. Where are you going to air them? Is this for a YouTube pre-roll? For social media marketing? Or anything more significant than that, like a movie hall?

Each of these platforms has a different set of technical parameters and regulations that need to be considered. It is never a wise option to re-use the same content on all platforms, which is why a photo slideshow maker and online video makers provide variable resolution. Following are the things you need to keep in mind while creating your ads –


The length of your ad can make or break the deal. Firstly, we must understand what platforms are most conducive to which video lengths. Secondly, if your viewer is losing interest, skipping ads or not being involved — then it’s too long. If the commercial ends and the point is missing — it’s too short. The length of an ad need not be short or long; it must be concise.


Have you ever wondered what some of the iconic television ads of the past had in common? They all had catchy music. They were all memorable songs that were ingrained deep in our minds. Music is one of the factors many fail to credit enough. Good music that complements the ad can do wonders for a lasting impression.

Time Specific

In the digital age, there is no such thing as a timeless video ad. For example, cyber Monday ads are only relevant for the week leading up to the sale. The relevance of a video in the current times hands down is the best way to grab eyeballs.

Now that you know what to look for in an Ad, here are a few formats that can grab the attention of online users. If used correctly and targeted accurately, these will bear high returns. We can broadly classify ads into these four buckets.

Give Product Information

This is one of the most basic ad formats. Using video, one can sell the product or service that you wish to bring attention to. Explain creatively what the product does and how it solves the problems of the consumers. The idea is not to make a power-point of the product, but use storytelling and creative editing to bring out the highlight of your brand.

Consumer Reviews

The digital age of he-said-she-said is boiled down to products and services. User testimonials and analysis are the benchmarks of a good brand. By presenting a real-life representation of the product, one can build a human connection using these ads.

Instigate Emotion

An excellent way to connect with an audience and create a lasting impression is by triggering an emotional connection. This can be in the form of humour, nostalgia, memories or relatability. The most catchy ads that people share and talk about for days to follow fall into this category.

Educational or PSA

For some brands, this form of video ads create a significant advantage. A healthcare brand promoting hygiene through a video is one such example. The announcement must be created in a way to educate the masses about a problem, while the underlining solution is your brand/product.

A little experience can go a long way in making a lasting video ad. While some small businesses or individuals cannot invest in knowledge, some online platforms can cater to these needs at almost no cost. For examples, InVideo is one such tool that can be used to produce simple ads, with convenient drag-and-drop features.

There are also certain tricks of the trade that can help you enhance the quality of your video ads. Firstly, stick to timelines. Do not invest months into an ad that will only run for a few days. Keep your deadlines as tight as possible, and churn out the best content.


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