PUBG Mobile Might Introduce Karakin Map In The Next Update

It is really hard to find a young fellow nowadays who is not interested in the highly popular multiplayer game- PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG has obtained its fame on the basis of many factors like astonishing graphics, multi-platform suitability, and variety of playing arena. The playing environment or maps is an important feature in this game.

The developer team has designed marvelous maps for the gaming interface previously and it is updating rigorously. Any new map up-gradation creates a real craze among the fans as they stay very curious about any new update of the game. Now it has been rumored that there will be a new map update in the PUBG mobile version. You can guess it right now how exciting will it be. So let us get some more insight into it.

What Is About This New Map

Karakin map is available in the PC version of the game but currently, it is not there in the PUBG mobile. As many of the PUBG players belong to the mobile community, so definitely it is a piece of cheerful information to them. Currently PUBG mobile has 4 maps-

  1. Erangel
  2. Miramar
  3. Sanhok
  4. Vikendi

Among these 4 maps, Erangel and Miramar are of the highest sizes, but Erangel has its different name due to the fierce environment. Now, this new map is something different. Karakin’s area is just 4 square kilometers, which is less than Sanhok even. Professionals denote that this map is perfect for 64 players’ interaction once at a time. There are many tunnels beneath the soil in Karakin, which is a brand new feature. You can blast out the walls and ground to find out new underground routes that can take you to heavy loots.

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How The Word Got Out

It all started with a tweet of a streamer named Rolex. He stated that there was a morse code hint from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that he has been able to crackdown, and it directed to a new map in the game. The tweet has startled the whole PUBG gaming community as a new map is always highly welcomed. Rolex was confused between Miramar 2.0 and Karakin about the new arena. But it is obvious from his statement that there is a new map update waiting for us.

Why Karakin

The question is too valid to ask. Actually, it is hard to conjecture because both of the maps Karakin and Miramar 2.0 would be much similar. But as we have the modified Miramar map already, it may be the Karakin. In the case of replacement, they may replace the old Miramar map as the Vikendi has new updates in it. It has been also heard that Karakin can be the fifth addition on the list.

What The Authority Says

PUBG authority has not confirmed anything about the new map till now. But they have retweeted the controversial tweet of Rolex. It is like a vague indication of having the new update. Still, we can not confirm anything until there is a word form the officials. For that time just download the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and enjoy.

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