Using a Graduate Degree to Transition into Tech

Technology is a popular career choice. The field continues to grow, salaries are very competitive, and the need for continuous learning makes it a great choice for individuals who are easily bored or dislike feeling stagnant. If you have already earned an undergraduate diploma, earning your master’s can open many additional doors in the tech industry. Many people can break into the tech industry without a traditional degree in the field. If yours is in an unrelated major, such as humanities, you may have courses to take before you can begin the program. 

Fortunately, the admissions counselors to these programs are familiar with this career path and can provide specific recommendations that boost the likelihood you are accepted into their program. Regardless of the path you choose, you should be in good shape financially. You can take out graduate school loans to pay for continued education. If you have existing student loans for undergraduate school, you can put a pause on their repayment while in school.

Once you graduate, you will be in good shape financially to repay those loans. Compensation in the tech industry is typically generous and employment prospects are available. Because of the ease of entering the tech industry, many do so with no degree at all. Someone with experience in a relevant field will stand out and, with hard work, be on the fast track to a successful career. If you find that the transition from your existing undergraduate degree to in a tech adjacent field is too great a reach, an MBA, or another business-related path may be all that is necessary to transition into the management level of a growing tech company.

Engineering Offers Many Choices

Electrical engineering is a popular choice for many people who want a career in the computer industry. If you already have your undergraduate in electrical engineering, continuing with your master’s makes sense. This is a highly specialized major, and you may have trouble getting accepted into a program without a directly related undergraduate degree.

Computer Science is a Popular Choice

If you are interested in working with technology, computer science allows you to go in many different directions. It can be difficult to transition into a computer science master’s program if you do not have a math-heavy undergraduate degree, but talking with the admissions counselor at your particular school can offer better guidance.

Business and Data Analytics

If you want to work in the tech industry but have no computer science background, business or data analytics may be a great choice. Don’t be fooled by the name, you will have to tackle plenty of math in this program, and it is not a soft option. If you have previous business experience, your skills can translate well in analyzing and making sense of complex data extracted and utilized by large companies. Companies gather a tremendous amount of data in every area of their business. Whether it is information on their customers or on how their business is run, this data is meaningless unless it is handled properly. In the field of data analytics with a scientific role can prepare you for a job helping a company manage and extract value from its data.



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