Ransomware gang asks $42m from NY law firm, threatens to leak dirt on Trump

Ransomware mob Revil asks $42m from a New York-based law firm, urges them by keeping an empty threat of the records to leak dirt on Trump

The REvil ransomware mob is terrorizing a New York-based law firm, that it will be broadcasting sensitive records on the company’s notable clients unless the firm pays a whole lot sum of $42 million ransom demand. Last night the gang published over 2.4 GB of Lady Gaga’s legal papers that constitute sensitive materials such as contracts for concerts, merchandising, and TV appearances.

The REvil has been operated by the criminal group Sodinokibi ransomware is now defrauding the NY law firm as that of the same infection the Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks (GSMS) confronted last week.

By May 7, 2020, REvil operators on a dark web portal announced a message conveying to the GSMS staff, threatening them that they would broadcast documents about clients popular clients, supposed to be those files, which the REvil gang have stolen from the law firm’s internal network before encrypting of the sensitive data files.

The screenshot of the stolen files was also posted. That includes the records of world celebrities added to the likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Bruce Springsteen, Bette Midler, U2, Outkast, Jessica Simpson, Cam Newton, Facebook, and a lot more.

Also, GSMS confirmed in an affidavit to entertainment news website Variety that the incident was real with the endless data excavating threat attempts on that Monday.

It is said that the hackers gave them a week to amass their demanded colossal sum. But the ransom was not paid within the stipulated time, so with that, the gang have doubled their ransom price it seems.

In the following message to GSMS, REvil operators announced that GSMS proposed to pay only $365,000 of the total ransom amount demanded, $21 million they asked. So they were now making twice as much the ransom demand to $42 million.

Likewise, as the cost for their disappointment, that is the company’s negligence to pay on time, the REvil gang also published a 2.4 GB archive containing Lady Gaga’s legal contract documents.

However, making twice as much the ransom demand, hackers have now this week also had come up with another masked threat against the NY law firm, terrorized to publish the records related to US President Donald Trump. 

Furthermore, by early hours of today, entertainment and gossip news site PageSix broadcasted references to sources that President Trump has never been a GSMS client. Therefore based on recent public information by PageSix, this ransom attack may seem to be just a blank threat, in operation to put more tension on the law firm to disburse the ransom demand at once.

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