10 Best Airbnb Alternatives for Cheap Accommodation 

Traveling has become an exciting adventure to explore the beautiful world, mix with different cultures, and much more. Enjoy a variety of cuisines. Airbnb is the ideal platform for millions of people to find accommodation around the world. However, the online market and the brokerage company have become too expensive lately.

Also, many have complained that the properties are not exactly what they see on the website. This is why you should check out the best Airbnb alternatives in 2020 to find the right places to stay at the right prices.

Best Airbnb Alternatives for your next trip


1. Booking.com

Booking.com has always been a premier online hotel booking site. So I am very happy to know that the website now also allows you to book apartments and holiday apartments. With a fairly uncluttered user interface along with the quick filtering process, finding the hotel, apartment, or vacation home you want is never a big problem.

And with the huge inventory of the real estate, you can have a great vacation at a much cheaper price. This is exactly what makes it one of the best alternatives to Airbnb. If you own a home, you can list your property for sale for free. However, please note that rates apply per booking.

One of the things I don’t like about Airbnb is that you have to pay the full amount at the time of booking and it will only be refunded if the host has specified it in the booking policy. However, this is not the case with Booking.com, where many properties do not require prepayment or only require a certain percentage of the reservation amount in advance.

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2. Vrbo

When it comes to offering high-quality vacation homes, Vrbo (aka Vacation Rentals by Owner) has long been one of the best in the business. The company was founded in 1996 and has become an indispensable platform for millions of people. With more than two million properties, HomeAway’s sister company can help you find luxury vacation homes and affordable properties.

Unlike Airbnb, Vrbo only offers vacation properties, which means it’s not for people looking for a hosted experience. What I found great about Vrbo is that their properties are larger and they also have backyards that can be great for groups and families.

And with a reliable rating system, you can check the pros and cons before renting a property. Helpful reviews can help you find a vacation rental that meets your needs. Vrbo offers two different models for owners. You can prepay the full annual fee or list free and pay a reservation fee.

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3. Homestay family

If your priority is a true homestay experience, a homestay would be an excellent option. This means that you can stay with a host family, meet the locals, enjoy the local cuisine, and also have the opportunity to explore their culture. And that’s exactly what makes Homestay one of the best Airbnb alternatives.

Homestay claims to have properties in over 150 countries to ensure that you can find the perfect host family in most of the world. Whether you are looking for a home for an entire group, a family, or a couple, with Homestay you can choose the home you want.

With smart search at your fingertips, it’s easy enough to find the property that suits both your budget and your needs. As for the price, I would say that it is competitive. If you are a host, you will appreciate that the homestay list is completely free.

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4. Agoda

Are you ready for a long trip to Asia? If so, I recommend you give Agoda a try. Like Airbnb, the website has a large collection of properties and offers numerous discounts as well. So chances are high that you will find a great hotel or a nice tourist residence at a much cheaper price.

It has an incredibly fast search engine and also offers a better filtering system. Therefore, you can refine your search and find the property that best suits your needs. Also, unlike Airbnb, Agoda offers a free cancellation. This means that every time you change your plan, you will get your money back without a problem.

What I liked the most about Agoda is that it gives properties a little more clarity. For example, you can check the overall cleanliness and comfort rating, as well as the location rating, cheap price rating, and even value for money rating. This will allow you to make a much better decision. Plus, Agoda has made it pretty easy to list a place and it costs a lot less than many other competitors.

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5. Flipkey

Simply put, there are very few online home market markets and brokerage firms that can match Flipkey’s huge catalog. Owned by TripAdvisor, it offers vacation rentals around the world. A simple search will show a variety of properties at different prices. This allows you to compare prices and read helpful reviews to decide whether or not a property meets your needs.

In terms of the massive inventory of properties and presence in many countries, Flipkey is very close to Airbnb. Also, each accommodation has a clear description that mentions some important things, such as: is it suitable for children, accepts pets or not, etc.

If you change your plan, you may receive a full or partial refund depending on when you cancel. As an owner, you can list your property without paying any fees. This is another benefit.

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6. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy claims to offer the best RV and trailer rentals in the world. And after looking carefully at the offer, I must say that it has the quality to meet your requirements. What makes me a great candidate for me is the growing catalog of caravan and trailer rentals that can meet a wide variety of needs.

So if you’re looking for the best Airbnb alternatives to help you find the most suitable caravan and trailer rental cars, you’ve come to the right place with Outdoorsy.

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7. Turnkey

Turnkey may not be as big a name as Airbnb, but it is unmatched when it comes to providing reliable hotel services and online market brokerage. This is a one-stop-shop for renting a wide variety of vacation rentals. Whether you’re looking for a hotel for couples, a stylish villa for a family or a great home for large groups, finding the perfect vacation rental is easy.

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8. 9flats

If you find that Airbnb’s entire collection of rental apartments is not up to scratch, think about 9 apartments. It is known to have one of the largest collections of local vacation rentals, apartments, and guesthouses. Therefore, on this website, you can choose a more suitable vacation rental and make the most of the great accommodation experience.

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9. SellMyTimeshareNow

What makes SellMyTimeshareNow a notable alternative to Airbnb is its growing presence and extensive catalog of timeshare properties. The website features more than 4,000 timeshare resorts in more than 1,300 locations so you can find a suitable stay in the most popular vacation spots.

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10. onefinestay

When it comes to offering fantastic homes and services, you can count on a farm to keep up with your billing. In terms of excellent service and affordability, it deserves to be ranked as one of the best Airbnb alternatives. What caught my eye about this platform was the ability to create a remarkable collection of wish lists.

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