10 Best Instagram Videos And Photo Downloading Apps

Social media has become very pervasive. Once upon a time, it was a premier way of connecting to people. Now, owing to the ease of connectivity in the world, not only has it become more prevalent, but it has also become a prerequisite for anything. Accordingly, various social media platforms have been built for various usages.

Instagram is one such app that lets you share pictures and videos and let the world in on your life. It is a really fast and efficient way to connect and stay up-to-date. This is one of the biggest reasons Instagram users increased by a lot in the past years.

However, one thing Instagram falls short on, and for justified reasons we assume, is that the app does not let you download any of the images or videos uploaded by others. But, again, nothing is impossible for technology after all. Today, we list the apps that are best for downloading media from Instagram.

Instagram Video & Photo Downloader Apps for Android

FastSave For Instagram

This app is one of the most sought out apps for saving media from Instagram. The saved media does not have any watermark either, making it a preferred app. The number of downloads are unlimited, plus, the media can be viewed offline. Reposting or sharing of the saved media can be done directly from the app itself.


Saver Reposter for Instagram

This app works along the same lines as FastSave does. However, it allows users to copy text, hashtags, images, and videos from the Instagram posts. Additionally, it also allows the user to share this saved media directly from the Instagram app.


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Video, Photo & Story downloader for Instagram – IG

This app offers ease of use compared to the other apps. Simply click on “Copy Share URL” for the media of choice to be automatically downloaded. All the details of the selected media will be downloaded along with the image or video itself, such as the captions, tags, etc.


Video Downloader – for Instagram Repost App

This is one of the famous apps used when reposting videos or images from Instagram on other social media. It also copies all the tags from the original Instagram post.


Repost for Instagram – Regrann

This app is designed to repost from Instagram to other platforms, or even Instagram itself. The app does not add watermarks to the downloaded posts. All the user has to press is “Copy Share URL” for the selected media to be shared. This app has more features offered under the Pro mode.


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Quick Save

Quick Save is an app that is also mostly used to repost images on Instagram to other platforms. However, one area that this app differs is that it allows for editing the saved posts with various filters and editing tools in-built in the app.



InstaGet is a very simple app that is aimed at efficiency. Download images and videos directly to your device so you need not reload them every time you wish to view them. This saves a  lot of bandwidth on your phone.


Downloader for Instagram: Photo and Video Saver

This is an app that requires no login for it to function. The user is given the option to save images and videos to his device’s gallery and also to repost to various other platforms.


Instagram Video Downloader Apps for iOS

Instant Save For Instagram

The app enables the users to select the photos or videos they wish to save and save it directly to the device’s gallery. All the user has to do is copy the link of the media they wish to save and paste it directly in this app. A definite positive with this app is the fact that it adds a credit banner to the image or the video. Therefore it helps the user and the creator by not violating the copyrights of the uploader.


Instagram Reels Downloader Websites

We have discussed the best apps for both iOS and Android platforms, both of which serve mobile devices. But what if you ever need to save something to your laptop or PC?


This is an application for the desktops. It is very simple and straightforward to use. All the user has to do is visit the website and enter the link of the Instagram post they wish to download. Upon entering the link, the media is automatically downloaded and saved to your device.

Visit the Website

Now that you have this list in your hands, pick the app that is best suited for your needs. Repost and explore Instagram like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we share a video that has been posted on Instagram by somebody else?

Yes, you can. This is what is called reposting; where you take another user’s content and upload it to your Instagram profile. The media is first downloaded to your device, which can then be uploaded to your profile. However, it is to be ensured that the original creator of the video or image is given the credit due.

Can Instagram Videos be downloaded?

Yes, of course. A perusal of the list above provides links to all the apps across platforms and websites that one can use to download videos posted to Instagram.

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