How to Remove Mugshots From the Internet for Free  

The easiest way to get your mugshot removed from the internet for free is to provide the site in question with copies of your expungement or dismissal documents. Most mugshot websites do not need anything else to remove your picture.

Just get in touch with the owner of the website and make a polite request. They will comply unless they are scammers. On a positive note, it’s not hard to get your booking photo removed from the most popular mugshot search sites. 

Remove a Mugshot from Google

We start with the most important information. To get a mugshot removed from Google, all you need to do is provide your name, email, the website, or URL with the mugshot, and the city or state where the arrest occurred. Mugshot Removal Request is one of the highest-ranking sites in this category. It lists a contact page to submit inquiries to. There is a “remove record” button in the upper right-hand corner of some of their mugshot pages.

This button appears less and less often over time. If you don’t see the button or a link on the page with your mugshot, that means the page can’t be found on Google anymore. If you do see it, there are fields on the contact page to upload relevant documentation to. 

Sometimes, replace mugshots with placeholders so that they can make revenue from ads without breaking the law. Now and then, the placeholder pages will show up in search results. Mugshot Removal Request

It’s very easy to get your less than flattering image taken down from this popular mugshot search platform. You’ll see a link saying “remove” right under your image. When you click on the link, you’ll be taken to a form requesting additional information. The image will be deleted once you provide this data and complete the form. They won’t ask for any documents. 

If you are able to give evidence of sealing, expungement, identity theft, lack of information, a not guilty verdict, acquittal, exoneration, dismissal, pardon, or adjudication withheld, they will remove your mugshot. Email your documentation to the address listed on the site for this purpose. 

Even if your disposition is not in your favor, they will update the mugshot with the relevant documents and case disposition. However, it’s not a good idea to request they do this because updated pages tend to rank higher. 

Busted Newspaper

Your case resolution determines whether your mugshot will be removed from Busted Newspaper. You can opt to have your listing deleted after they accept case-related documentation.

Times Free Press

TFP claims to take anyone’s mugshot down if their charges were reduced or dismissed or the judge pronounced them not guilty. Of course, they will ask for documentation proving this. After approval, they will remove your name and image from the site in up to five business days. 

Mugshot Removal from Tri-County Busts

There are some very clear instructions on the sidebar of on how to remove booking photos. Send an inquiry to the email address listed on the site. 

The Georgia Gazette

If charges were dropped, the case was dismissed, or the statute of limitations expired prior to indictment, the Georgia Gazette will delete your mugshot. This will also happen if a judge or jury acquitted you of all charges, or all of them were ultimately dismissed. You can request this via the site’s contact form or certified mail with a return receipt. 

Go to the FAQ page to get information about having your mugshot removed from this high-ranking site. It’s completely free. 

No Need to Worry! 

Why not? Unless you dominate the first page of all major search engines, there really is no need to. 91% of all searches don’t go beyond the first page. Of these, half finish with the third search result. These searches include housing and employment screenings. 


  1. I think it’s wrong to put pictures of people on busted newspaper until they have been convicted
    Because there not always guilty or some charges get drop to lower charge
    Thank you


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