What Are the Benefits of SMS Marketing?

Marketing is the lifeline of any business. It is important for the business to constantly thrive. This is one of the reasons why various forms of marketing are active now. One of the most popular ones is known as SMS marketing.

Just like the name suggests, SMS marketing refers to the type of marketing where the company communicates and markets its product to its potential customers by the means of SMS services. It is quite challenging as SMS has a limit of 140 characters, so the message needs to be concise and to the point.

How SMS is important in this smartphone age?


People are too busy to talk on the phone. Whenever telemarketers call, they just hang up without listening to what they have to even say, forget about being able to make a sale. Messaging is the way they remain in touch with their friends, colleagues and basically, everyone important to them. It’s easy to read and respond to and doesn’t come in between their busy life schedule.

According to a survey, almost 3.5 billion people use smartphones. Also, with the increase in technological changes in smartphones, it has become easier for people to get most of their work done on it. This is one of the reasons people are always on their phones.

Therefore, SMS campaigns make perfect sense if a business wants to target their potential customers regarding their products. It blends in seamlessly with their regular lifestyle and people do read their texts more than they answer phone calls from unknown numbers.

Now you must be wondering what is the best tool for SMS marketing. Well, we have the answer to your dilemma and it is eSputnik.

eSputnik is a business to consumer cloud-based marketing automation solution that provides a set of professional tools that simplifies the process of launching an email campaign, SMS, Viber and also sending push notifications for business houses to its target customer when needed.

It helps in delivering good results while keeping it cost-effective. It is a great way to reach more people with ease and helps in creating a good consumer base. With its powerful segmentation feature, the customers are recommended to the right products they want while browsing through e-commerce websites.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

Maximizes open rates

People are on their phones all day long. They prefer texts over the call so that they don’t have the obligation to continue talking if they aren’t interested. So, the chances of the message being opened are overall maximized.

Better reach

Phone calls are time-consuming. Emails require an internet connection for the user to read them. However, SMS is small, concise, and can be easily delivered without an internet connection. This also helps in reaching those rural areas where smartphones help in increasing reach for the business.


A text message is quite easy to send and be delivered as compared to other modes of communication. It helps especially when you are offering certain limited period deals and you have to inform your customers immediately. A person may not check emails or pick phone calls, but he always has the time to check a text.


With the availability of cloud messaging services, it has become easy for business houses to send a huge amount of SMS without incurring lots of charge for it. It is better than spending money on billboard advertisements as many might not even notice them, but when it comes to texts, people do take a look.

Best practices for SMS marketing

So, we have established that SMS marketing is indeed one of the best ways to get your customer’s attention with ease. However, while you’re pursuing this form of marketing for your products, it is important to know the dos and don’ts so that it is successful:

Concise and informative

It is important to grab the attention of the consumer. Therefore, make sure you keep the message short yet informative. It shouldn’t have too many words but only information about what’s important and phrase it in a catchy way. The purpose is to entice them enough to see what you are offering them. It works best in case of limited-time deals.


Too much of anything is harmful and getting bombarded with sales messages from various places is even more annoying. So, it is important that you know the right frequency with which you should message the people. Ensure that you aren’t repetitive or too compulsive while sending the text.


This is important if you don’t want your business to be in trouble. So, always make sure that you have permission to send them promotional emails and push notifications. Business houses surely don’t want to lose their money to legal trials. Always identify yourself with them.


People pay more attention to personalized texts than a random forward. Segmenting is important here. So, always know your customers’ tastes and preferences and send them text accordingly. for example, people register with their birthdays and anniversaries, so you can wish them on occasions and along with it send information about your product that they would like.

Use of SMS marketing tools

SMS marketing tools come as a package of the best features required to make SMS marketing success for a business house. otherwise, it is a lot of work to be done manually. These tools help in proper segregation and send texts following the needs of the consumers.

SMS marketing, if used the right way, can help businesses in getting better reach and ultimately help in increasing their sales. Know your customer, be patient while dealing with them and you will see the results of this form of marketing quite soon.

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