5 Logistics Companies using Artificial Intelligence

Logistics companies handle the integration process and maintenance of goods in a company. There are a lot of labor-intensive and repetitive tasks involved. Artificial Intelligence or AI is valuable for this purpose. As a result, it frees up the human workers to let them do more complex jobs that a computer cannot perform.

Here are some of the logistics companies that have integrated AI with their system for the efficient use of resources.

1. Amazon

Amazon uses a user-centric model for its AI logistics software. They have built an AI flywheel that spans across their whole network. It powers the machine learning innovations and its improvements in one part of the company, which fuels other parts of the company. The artificial intelligence isn’t located at a specific location in Amazon. Instead, it’s more like some kind of a ghost that spans across all the departments of Amazon.

2. Echo Global Logistics

This is a transportation management company. It uses AI to optimize transportation routes, delivery of their goods, and effective pricing of the services. They offer services, including executive dashboard presentations, detailed shipment information, rate negotiation, transportation procurement, etc. They also provide carrier selection, management, compliance, reporting, and shipment tracking and execution.

3. UPS

UPS is a package delivery service and supply chain management company. This company uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to offer more effective services for their customers. They use an AI called ORION to handle their fleets of service vehicles. Using advanced AI algorithms, they can optimize their delivery routes. These algorithms use data supplied by the customers. Drivers and vehicles can alter their routes in real-time to adjust for changing weather and traffic conditions. Recently, they told all of their drives to avoid left turns as much as possible, as the AI predicted that it would save UPS up to 10 million gallons of fuel per year and dramatically reduce the possibility of an accident.

4. C3

C3 offers AI-powered logistics software for a variety of purposes. C3’s AI inventory optimization manages inventories in real-time across components, purchase parts, and finished goods. It uses data culled from purchase orders, production orders, and supplier deliveries. The advanced AI algorithms use these data to obtain stocking and purchasing recommendations.

5. Coyote Logistics

Coyote Logistics is a supply-chain solutions company that uses AI and machine learning to deliver better solutions to the industry. Coyote uses various methods to achieve this. They use predictive analytics and pairing customer shipment data alongside outside information. It uses AI to help shippers to expect supply-chain issues and delays even before they occur. Equipped with this information, shippers can adjust accordingly so that shipments can arrive on time.

Bottom Line

AI is part and parcel of our everyday life. The future of artificial intelligence looks hopeful for logistics companies. It might end up blessing us with solutions that will become mainstream and help to improve businesses across the globe.


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