PUBG Mobile India: APK Download links to be reportedly available on official website

Ever since PUBG was banned in India, the gamers have been desperately waiting for the launch of its Indian version so that they can resume their gaming. While the teasers of this game were released around Diwali, the game is yet to be launched. It has been scheduled for a late December 2020 launch, or so the sources say. But we will get to that later.

Recently, there has been quite a lot of confusion regarding its launch. A pre-registration page made its appearance but the gamers doubt its authenticity. Also, due to some recent developments, PUBG mobile India seems to be a bit far away dream as even after being listed on the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, there is no clarity about it.

However, we can say for sure that something is cooking behind the scenes. Some sources suggest that PUBG Mobile’s APK download links will probably be made available on the corporation’s official website like it is with other mobile games.

So, once that APK download can be seen on the website, people can rest assured about the game’s launch as it will be an indication of that happening quite soon. But we should keep in mind that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology hasn’t given official permission to PUBG mobile for beginning its operations in India and so it has not been launched on any of the play stores.

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PUBG Mobile India’s earlier APK Download

Owing to PUBG’s popularity, the central government decided in its favor and decided to unban it. When that news made noise, it was speculated that the game would be available in the country by late December 2020. PUBG Mobile India has been continuously hinting towards its launch but there is no official news about it. However, according to a few of our sources, the APK download link of the PUBG Mobile India game was seen by a couple of users for a brief period.

The users were able to see the APK download option but the button was not working. But this has indeed given rise to the speculation regarding the launch of the game that the official site is testing bandwidth before they officially launch the Indian version of the game.

The build-up has also given way to some interesting facts about PUBG Mobile India. It is said that this version will be a bit different from the global one and will be more suited for Indian users to enhance their gaming experience.

That makes us wonder, just how different this version will be?

Apart from the obvious change being the name of the game, there is said to be a bit of change in gameplay for the Indian market. Some sources close to the developers have said that the bloodshed is going to reduce and the dresses and characters will be per Indian sensibilities.

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