5 Reasons Why Detection And Safety Systems Help Schools Reopen

The Coronavirus that hit the world back in early January 2020 devastated industries and closed many businesses and facilities. This is due to the fear of the virus spreading in places that social distancing is almost impossible to implement, like offices and schools. Because of that, nearly 22 states have closed down their schools in the hopes of controlling the spread of the virus and slow it down eventually. Already, hospitals were having an influx of COVID cases.

But now that 2021 has arrived, some states have opted to open their schools once again. To make sure COVID-19 is monitored in the school and triggers for Asthma, air pollutants, and vaping, many of these schools have installed an Indoor Air Monitor. Do the school and your child need this device installed? Read on and decide for yourself.

How Can COVID-19 Be Prevented Through Good Ventilation?


The Coronavirus is spread around through respiratory droplets. These droplets can come from someone infected when they cough, sneeze, exhales, or talk. If you’re without a facemask while being at arm’s length with them, you have a very high chance of contracting the virus. However, to ensure the environment in schools is 100% safe, ventilation plays a vital role.

With adequate ventilation, it is possible to flush out the virus and other untoward pollutants in the air. Monitors like Zeptive have the state of the art features such as increased sensitivity to Coronavirus and other air pollutants for each classroom’s need. It also varies in the areas it covers, with the small fit for one classroom, medium for multiple other classrooms, and large for the whole building. 

According to studies, masks are a part of the tools you need to protect yourself from the virus. There are also other things to take note of, such as the temperature of the environment, the room’s size, and how many people can effectively fit inside applying social distance. Inside a classroom, where students from different places are placed inside an enclosed space, one can’t be sure of what virus they bring and carry out. 

Therefore, the most effective way to combat viruses in school is to eradicate any potential to grow in the area. Having clean, fresh air and a monitor to detect it can be some ways to help slow down and eliminate the virus.

With that, here are Five Reasons To Get Detection And Safety Systems For Schools:

1. It Can Be A Benefit Not Only For COVID-19 Cases

Having clean, fresh air can provide a healthier learning environment for children and young teens alike. They are already having trouble taking in the air because of their masks on eight straight hours a day, and fresher air can assist them in this difficult time.

Other than that, those with Asthma can take advantage of better quality air. Asthma is a condition of the lungs wherein the airways of the lungs get inflamed or constricted due to several reasons. These reasons are often coined as “triggers” and can either be dust, animal dander, pollens, air pollution, cigarette and tobacco smoke, mold, and coughs and colds. Often, either extreme cold or hot environments and rigorous exercise can also trigger Asthma.

By providing the school with this feature, those with this condition and other allergies can be assisted accordingly. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, which can be a source of comfort by both the students and parents reluctant to bring their kids back to school.

2. Discourage Vaping And Smoking

Having monitors can also mean ensuring there aren’t any cigarettes or vaping within the school vicinities. Detectors can monitor compound levels in school, which cover both aerosol vapors and other harmful pollutants. If installed in places such as bathrooms and classrooms, cases of minor cigarette smoking and vaping can be addressed immediately by the school, and students caught can be disciplined accordingly.

3. Avoid Second-Hand Smoking/Aerosol Inhalation

What’s worse about this habit is you’re not only destroying your body but also putting other people’s health at risk. The aerosol vapor contains many harmful chemicals, such as carcinogens, nicotine, and sometimes even THC. To add, this vapor can quickly enter the respiratory system and has twice the damaging effect as opposed to directly smoking or vaping. 

The side and adverse effects of this can vary from difficulty breathing, migraines, nausea and vomiting, and intoxication. It can lead to illnesses such as cancer, pulmonary problems, brain damage, and lastly, a lowered immune system with which COVID-19 can easily take advantage of.

4. Spread Awareness About Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine can enter the body through both cigarette smoking and vaping, and this substance is highly addictive and habit-forming. Not only that, but addiction to such substances can lead to conditions such as lung cancer, stroke, heart attacks, and higher COVID-19 susceptibility. It can also hinder students from learning, as nicotine slows brain processes, impairs judgment, memory, concentration, attention, and mood.

It is highly possible that one can develop other bad habits just from having a nicotine addiction. This substance also leads to mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and mood disorders.

5. Include The Parents In The Process

One great way to include parents and guardians in this feat is to inform them of the safety precautions and how they will help their children or ward be safer and achieve more optimal results in school. On a more negative side, students with broken school rules through smoking and vaping can be identified quicker. Thus parents can be informed and called at once to straighten their children’s behavior.

Through this newly installed feature, you can show both student and parent that the school is serious and strict about its policies and rules. It can be one way of assuring parents that students are getting the best education and training while informing students to break the rules is not something the school can overlook. This is also a great way to show that the administration prioritizes the safety of all students while they’re on school grounds. 


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