14 Free Proxy Sites to Access Blocked Sites

Proxy sites are very important to maintain our anonymity on the web. Most of the social networking sites are blocked in school, to unblock these sites the most efficient way is to use proxy sites or a VPN.

Since most schools use a software-based system to block websites, most of the proxy sites are already blocked in schools. So we have tested 14 proxy websites that you can easily use in school or office.

What are Proxy Sites?

While regular proxy works after configuring your browser, it’s different in the case of a web proxy. They provide you space on their website where you can select the URL you wish to visit, keeping your IP hidden. However, if you open a new tab to open another website, your IP address will be revealed.

Now that we know what web proxy does, we have listed the top free web proxy sites that you can use to access different websites:

14 Best Unblocked Proxy Sites for School

 Most of the web proxies available are free but not ad-free. So, only use these sites if it is highly needed as there are chances of your information being stolen.

1. Proxy site

Free Proxy Sites for School 1

It is regarded as one of the top free web proxies that do its job well. It is affiliated to ExpressVPN and protects your privacy while you are browsing online. You can access sites across the globe with ease. This web proxy has servers in the US and also the European region.

2. Hide me proxy

unblocked proxy sites2

This proxy has over 20 million users across the globe and is preferred as one of the best web proxy servers. With proxies in three countries namely the USA, Germany, and the Netherlands, it ensures that your IP stays hidden for most of your browsing and also protects you against WebRTC leak.

3. HMA Proxy

Proxy sites for YouTube 3

While HMA proxy provides a very limited web proxy service free of cost, it still is quite popular among proxy users.

If you pay for it, you’ll be able to stream videos, easily do banking transactions, and also browse in multiple tabs. Otherwise, you’ll face restrictions while doing any of these if you have not paid for them. It is owned by Hide My Ass.

4. Hidester

Free Proxy Sites for School 4

This is another proxy server that provides best features only once you have paid for it. However, there are other features that users can use in the free version too for their most basic proxy needs.

It has a US server which is optimized for China. It also has a server in Europe but its location isn’t known. It is easy to use, safe and quite fast too.

5. Toolur Proxy

Free Proxy Sites for Work5


Toolur proxy has about 9 servers combined in the US and Europe. It helps you in easily evading internet censorship.

However, the only demerit with this proxy is that it is a bit slow. Its homepage itself says that, so if you have less patience when it comes to slow browsing, you shouldn’t use this proxy service.

6. Kproxy

fresh unblocked proxy sites 6

Kproxy provides its users with paid as well as the free version of web proxy services.

The only difference between the paid and free one is that you’ll face restrictions such as no free choice of choosing locations, ad-less experience, etc. If you go with the free option. However, its paid service is quite affordable and gives a smooth experience to its users.

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7. Unblock Youtube

proxy sites for facebook 7

Unblock Youtube is quite a specialized web proxy. Just like the name suggests, it is used for watching YouTube videos only and helps you in accessing the restricted videos.

It has a mix of slow and fast servers, so it completely depends. However, you can change to a fast one if you are experiencing extreme slow browsing. The servers are in the US and UK.

8. ProxFree

Free Proxy Sites for School 8

ProxFree is easy to use a free web proxy. The users get a textbox where they have to enter the URL of the website they wish to browse, after which they can select their location.

This web proxy has servers in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. You can also configure other settings while using this proxy.

9. FilterByPass

unblocked proxy sites for school 9

People use FilterByPass to get past filters and access restricted web content daily. It is widely used among proxy server users.

However, there are lots of adverts that you’ll come across while using this proxy server. If you can deal with it, it is easy to use a web proxy server.

10. CroxyProxy

Free Proxy Sites for Facebook10

CroxyProxy not only allows you to type in the URLs you wish to access but also search queries if you don’t exactly remember the URL.

While this is not the most advanced but it is a popular web proxy used by people who wish to access things restricted to them because of their location. There are various advertisements that you’ll have to deal with, for which you can switch to the premium version as it’s ad-free.

11. 4everproxy

Free Proxy Sites for College11

4everproxy is one of the few web proxies available that provides several options to users free of cost. These include deciding them to allow cookies, remove JavaScript, encrypt the page, and remove the page title if they feel like it.

The servers are located in the US and certain locations in Europe. It also provides specialized proxies if you want to unblock YouTube videos.

12. VPNBook web proxy

VPN Book 12

This web proxy is particularly used for unblocking things from Facebook, Google, YouTube, and various popular websites. It encrypts the web traffic passing via these sites to bypass government censorship.

The best part is that your real IP address is always safe and hidden. It also has a free VPN that you can use. If you are satisfied with their services, you can donate to the developers of this proxy.

13. Whoer proxy


Whoer proxy is a different web proxy. Unlike others that need you to enter a URL, you have to download an extension for using this proxy.

There are several extensions available for popular web browsers, so that won’t be an issue. Also, its main service has a VPN service, which is beneficial to the users.

14. NewIPNow

NEW IP Now 14

As you can understand by the name, NewIPNow lets you hide your real IP address and get a new one that will be visible. It is the best way to remain anonymous on the internet.

However, that is all you can do with the free version of this tool. If you want better features, you can try the paid proxies.


These were a few of the most popular and used web proxies that you can make use of. They provide basic features with the free ones while you get access to amazing features with the paid ones. So, you can use depending upon your need.

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