Twitter to Let Users Charge Monthly Fee for Exclusive Content in New Super Follows Feature

After the success of the pay-to-follow model of few websites such as Patreon and only fans, Twitter is also thinking of rolling out a new feature named super follows for its exclusive people.

This feature by Twitter will allow its users to charge their followers for special content which can be in the form of tweets, newsletters, videos, or anything else that isn’t available to unpaid followers. The people who wish to avail of these special benefits will have to pay a monthly fee for the same.

This has got many people excited, though the actual feature will be launched later this year.

This was announced during twitter’s first virtual analyst day event. They aim at creating a platform wherein creators and publishers will get direct support from the people who love their content. Investors have insisted on Twitter in the past to go for a subscription-based model to boost revenue, which is projected to increase from $3.7 billion in 2020 to $7.3 billion in 2023.

The subscription fee is yet to be decided for super follows, it probably will come up soon but is expected to be somewhere around $4.99 per month. Imagine being able to see your favorite pop star or band such as Cold play’s concert or an inspirational speech from a renowned personality such as Barack Obama online, for a nominal fee.

Twitter also announced another feature that will be up soon. It will be called communities and will do exactly what the word means. It will allow users to create and join groups that wish to discuss common topics and interests. This feature is hugely used and appreciated among Facebook users, so people are looking at this as a competition to the popular social media network.

These groups will help people from different places and communities to come together and form a common community based on common ideologies that they can freely discuss.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey went on to say “We’re focused on public conversation as a use case, and that use case is going to have multiple formats associated with it”.

These features aim at creating more growth and revenue opportunities for Twitter. It has been facing continuous scrutiny due to harassment and hateful speech on its platform. To absolve those issues, it aims at using advanced machine learning-based technology.

For these issues, twitter’s chief legal officer Mr. Vijay gadde told the analysts and investors in the meeting that technology can never be perfect and mistakes will always happen.

We can only hope that these mistakes become a thing of the past and people use technology the way it’s meant to be used.

Deepa enjoys reading fantasy novels to escape the mundanities of everyday life. On other days, she likes to keep herself updated about the latest technological trends.


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