5 Best Programming Languages For Android App Development

There are several programming languages for Android app development. According to recent studies, there are over 2.5 million Android applications around the globe. Naturally, this high demand leads to a competitive market. As an Android developer, you need to know which languages have shown success on Android operating systems.

This way, you can choose one that is well-suited to your development projects and that yields high-performing applications. In addition, you can select one that matches your background experience and development preferences. Read on to discover the best programming languages for Android app development.  


First, Java is one of the best programming languages for Android application development. As the official language for Android, this is one of the most widely used coding languages on the market. Indeed, many apps built with Java are also supported by the Google Play Store.

With its widespread use, Java also has a well-connected online community for trouble-shooting support in the case of any issues. Importantly, this programming language is best-suited for experienced software engineers. This is because it contains complex topics such as constructors, null pointer exceptions, and checked exceptions.

Therefore, Java is best for experienced programmers looking to build a high quality Android application. 

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In addition, Go is another great language to program Android apps. Importantly, it is well-known for its simplicity and efficiency. Indeed, experienced programmers can usually pick it up quickly, especially if they have a background using PHP or Python. Additionally, the open-source container management system, Kubernetes, is written in Go.

This makes is a great language to code applications you want to deploy to the Kubernetes cluster. Plus, you can install a Helm chart repository to help you define, install, and upgrade your Kubernetes applications. When paired with JFrog’s Artifactory container registry, you can automate your Helm charts to your Kubernetes cluster, also known as Helm Kubernetes.

This can significantly optimize your automation scripts to make them more readable and easier to maintain. Definitely, Go is a great programming language if you’re looking to deploy to the Kubernetes cluster. 


Next, Kotlin is another programming language popular among Android application developers. Introduced in 2016, this cross-platform language is another official language for Android operating systems. In addition, it is much simpler compared to Java.

This makes it a great choice for beginners looking to break into mobile app development. Notably, Kotlin also has a type interface that is designed to function with the Java language. With this feature, you can run it on Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Additionally, Kotlin’s type interface often includes multiple coding libraries for Android, making it even more accessible. If you are looking to work with Kotlin, there are plenty of exciting coding games that help you learn how to program.

Absolutely, Kotlin’s simple syntax and reliable type interface make it a great programming language for beginners getting started with Android application development.


Moreover, C++ is another top programming language to develop Android applications. Notably, it is a general-purpose object-oriented coding language with low-level memory manipulation features. Typically, developers use it to build games, GUI-based applications, and banking apps.

It is also popular with cloud computing applications because it can quickly adapt to changing hardware and ecosystems. In addition, C++ is fast and stable, with many available libraries and compilers.

If you know C++, you can usually learn Java, C, and C# easily as well. Absolutely, the C++ programming language adaptability and speed makes it a great choice for Android application development.  


Furthermore, C# is one of the best coding languages for Android application development. This is a great alternative to C or C++ if you’re looking for a simpler option. Notably, this programming language is a higher level object-oriented C-based language.

With a large developer community, many game designers use it with game engines to create stunning 3D and high-tech games. As one of the most popular programming languages in the world, many developers enjoy it for its simple syntax.

Of course, this makes it much easier for new developers to pick up as well. If you’re a new developer looking to get started with game development, C# is a great programming language to learn. 


These were some of the programming languages you can use to develop Android apps.  Java is one of the most popular, reliable programming languages for Android application development. Next, Kotlin is a great option if you’re a new developer getting started.

In addition, Go is another top programming language, if you’re looking to deploy to the Kubernetes cluster. Moreover, C++ offers many fast and reliable code libraries. Furthermore, C# has an accessible, simple syntax for new game developers. Consider these points to learn about the best programming languages for Android app development.


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