15 Best Countdown Apps for Counting Days

We usually have a lot going on in our lives that makes it difficult to keep track of everything in an organized manner. At such times, having countdown apps can help. These apps track the number of days, minutes, or seconds left for the event that you have set it for. It is also helpful in remembering various events that our otherwise occupied mind often forgets.

We have compiled a list of the 15 best countdown apps available for Android and iPhone.

1. Event Countdown Timer & Widget

Countdown Apps For iOS

This app has an easy interface for the users. It helps the users in creating different countdowns for various events that they wish to be reminded about. You can also decorate according to your choice of wallpaper for the said event. It has a reminded and can be easily synced between different devices, in case you need it.

Download (iOS)

2. Countdown

Countdown Apps For iPhone

Just like the name suggests, this is another amazing countdown help to help you keep track of things that matter the most. You can select the unit option as months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and also heartbeats. Additionally, you can add your favorite songs as well as photos to the days.  It also allows you to count the days after the event has passed.

Download (iOS)

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3. Countdown Star

Countdown Apps For Android

Available for both android and iOS users, it is one of the best countdown apps available. You can set the countdown to years or seconds, whatever you prefer, and also customize it with different pictures, etc to make it creative.  It is easy to use and understand too.

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4. Event Countdown Lite

countdown apps

You can customize your countdown with beautiful color and icon combinations to give it a pleasant look by using this countdown app. It has several functions which include displaying countdowns as a list. You can also set a notification for the said even almost a year before. Also, you can share countdowns with your friends too.

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5. Time Until | Beautiful Countdowns

Time Until | Countdown Apps For Android And iOS

You can easily set the timer and follow it as per your personal choice of the unit which can be months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, or seconds. It has the option to countdown to several events and they’ll appear in chronological order in the app. You can also customize the events with beautiful pictures and share these countdowns with your friends.

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6. Final Countdown – Widget

Final Countdown – Widget

You can easily few the final months, weeks, days, weekdays, etc., remaining to your big event via this countdown app. It helps in remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other such important days with ease.  Not only can you customize these events with pictures but also import events from your phone and Facebook.

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7. Big Day Lite – Events Countdown

birthday countdown apps

No need to worry about forgetting an important day now. This app will remind you once you have set the countdown to your important events with ease. You can also set a different notification for each event, so you’ll know which one is approaching. Apart from that, you can also customize it with different pictures of your liking too.

Download (Android|iOS)

8. Countdown Days App & Widget

Countdown Days App

Loaded with a calendar format, you can easily add an important event for each month in this countdown app. It allows customizing the events with a title, picture, and description too. You can set the countdown for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and even yearly events. The data in this app is backed up and can be restored whenever needed.

Download (Android)

9. Dreamdays Countdown

Dreamdays Countdown

Never miss your important events by downloading this countdown app on your mobile phone. It works on both apple and android phones, so compatibility isn’t an issue. You can set your event under different categories given and also add anything new if it’s not mentioned. You can prioritize the events according to your priority too.

Download (Android|iOS)

10. Vacation Countdown App

Vacation Countdown App

Vacation days are something we all look forward and nothing can make it more exciting than counting down the days to it. This app has great features for the count down your final vacation date which include a countdown of different trips, setting amazing background, and a beautiful suitcase icon to make it look surreal to the users. It also provides a packing list and few travel quizzes for the users.

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11. Christmas Countdown!

Christmas is something most of us look forward to as it is celebrated with friends and family. This app helps you keep your excitement at its peak by counting down the days to Christmas with cute Christmas symbols, snowman reindeer, and other Christmas-related icons.

Download (iOS)

12. Reminder & Countdown

This app has a beautiful interface that makes using it a lot more fun than other countdown apps. To add to that, it has several features too such as personalizing countdowns with different pictures and fonts and also integrating social media events on this app makes it quite a useful app. You can also share the countdown with others via this app.

Download (iOS)

13. DayCount

A user-friendly countdown app, it helps the users in keeping at bay with their important appointments and other events with ease. You can customize the events according to the various themes available on this app. Apart from this, this app also has an option to choose between light and dark modes.

Download (iOS)

14. My Day — Countdown Calendar

You can easily personalize your events with various themed wallpapers depending upon the event with this app. It has easy to understand user interface, so people can easily use it.  There are different countdown units available and you can also add friend’s birthdays from Facebook here to keep track of it.

Download (Android|iOS)

15. Exam Countdown Lite

While we certainly don’t forget our exams, this app still helps in remembering the dates and other exam-related things that we might forget in panic. You can customize the dates with beautiful icons and other images. It also allows color coding to easily recognize the exam you have next.

Download (Android|iOS)


So, these were a few of the best countdown apps available to make your upcoming events much more exciting and easy to remember. Do tell us about your experience of using these apps.

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